Ranking Fourth Generation Girl Group TikTok Hashtag Views

  • In a recent thread, reiusagi requested a breakdown of TikTok hashtag views for Fourth Generation girl groups. Now I've never used the TikTok app before, but I was able to find the number of hashtag views by accessing TikTok's browser interface. All I had to do was visit the web site https://www.tiktok.com/tag/example, where example is the hashtag of interest. Using that methodology, it was straightforward to simply look up views for each group. The results are shown below:

    Itzy: 5.5B views (43.38%)

    Iz*One: 1.7B views (13.41%)

    Loona: 1.3B views (10.25%)

    Aespa: 1B views (7.89%)

    (G)I-dle: 930M views (7.34%)

    Everglow: 716.3M views (5.65%)

    Secret Number: 537.4M views (4.24%)

    Weeekly: 301.3M views (2.38%)

    Cherry Bullet: 158.4M views (1.25%)

    fromis_9: 128.4M views (1.01%)

    StayC: 115.5M views (0.91%)

    Woo!ah!: 64.7M views (0.51%)

    NeonPunch: 49.7M views (0.39%)

    GWSN: 40M views (0.32%)

    Rocket Punch: 37.7M views (0.30%)

    3YE: 20.6M views (0.16%)

    Purple Kiss: 18.9M views (0.15%)

    DreamNote: 11.4M views (0.09%)

    Cignature: 11.3M views (0.09%)

    Lunarsolar: 11.3M views (0.09%)

    Bvndit: 10.6M views (0.08%)

    XUM: 5M views (0.04%)

    Hinapia: 3.7M views (0.03%)

    Purplebeck: 2.6M views (0.02%)

    Botopass: 1.4M views (0.01%)

    Hot Issue: 636.7K views (0.01%)

    Honey Popcorn: 458.1K views (0.00%)

    Maywish: 41.7K views (0.00%)

    The numbers are current as of roughly 2021-05-08 13:36 GMT. Here are the results graphed in bar chart form:


    As we can see, TikTok hashtag views are concentrated heavily in the top performing groups, which shouldn't be too surprising. What was surprising to me was how much of a lead Itzy has built up. Also a bit unexpected was how well Secret Number is doing in this metric.

  • I love people who speak numbers!

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