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    I have had an e-mail subscription to this site for a few years. But I can't quite remember my profile. I'm taking the survey again now, I'm not sure how to answer some of the hot/cold questions cause it's been a long time since I played games that involve accumulating resources or difficult challenges (for example) so I don't necessarily know if I enjoy those or not. The test just told me that I was supposed to answer if it was important to have these things in a game not if I enjoyed them. I don't really know how those things are different cause doesn't important mean important for your enjoyment? Hmm.

    Anyway today I found I am Gardener/Slayer:


    I think I can agree with that, minimal effort, clear rules, and linear progression.

    You remind me one time I was in a channel because the uploader was doing an AMA as a subscriber celebration. Another time a YouTuber posted a long video talking about their mental health problems (deleted a few weeks later). They talked about not thinking that therapy was going to help them and I made a comment saying it could be helpful. Then they made a follow up video where they said, paraphrased, "Some people really understood what I was trying to say [showing comments]. But some people, on the other hand, [...etc. didn't get it or something] [showing my comment]". Then I felt offended that they singled me out like that on their video. I left another comment trying to explain what I meant by the first one, but either they deleted it or it didn't post, cause it was gone a day later.

    Finally there was a YouTuber developing a game. I made a joke comment on the introduction animation to the game, a joke I didn't find very funny. But later he made a video where he talked about his development progress, and he brought up that he had burst out laughing at a comment at like 3am and showed my comment. Then I felt recognized.

    Yeah I got a real reality check when I was watching the way influencers and people interested in performance arts behave in daily life. I feel like all of those people I knew in real life were either loud and outgoing, or if they were more quiet and normal, then I guess they still had a deep interest in performing to a large crowd. I mean people who actually performed a lot, not just like a few times for fun or school.

    In the 3rd generation, there were only bright and cute concept groups with the exception of Blackpink and Also except for Red Velvet; Velvet concept..Now people is sad that it's the opposite. Decide which one you like more. Personally, I'm glad we got rid of the cute concept because people objectified womans more in cute concept, but in badass and girlcrush concepts, at least they can focus on their dance or their talent a little bit more. So the cute concept is aimed at young boy, I like cute concept but when it's made extravagantly cute and I feel it, it doesn't appeal to me much. Red Velvet has a bright concept, but it's usually a mix of scary and cute, so it's psychopathic cute, that's why I generally like their concepts.

    It's interesting to look at the perspective of male fans, on Kpop reddit there will be a gif of a girl idol doing a basic smile, wink, or heart. Basically nothing special. And it will have like a million thousand upvotes. Meanwhile I'm a girl so I'm like ho hum bah humbug

    You made me think of something, a good reason that they "leave it up to interpretation" is that if they said the song is about something specific it wouldn't seem as relatable to people.

    (G)I-DLE said about Oh My God that the "God" can be like anything. At first I thought they were just being overly vague when the song is about sex but, now I realized that they maybe just don't want to say it's about any one thing.

    isn't the song just about lust?

    I think you are saying that when people love celebrities much younger than them, it reveals their lack of morality or responsibility when it comes to entertainment. Because it means they accept having a crush on them. However, I don't think it can be logically generalized that all those fans are doing something immoral, or that for all of them being a stan equals having a crush on that person. Unless you would say that you can't stan and strongly admire a kid/teen celebrity without feeling some kind of attraction to them. In my opinion admiration can become romantic and sexual attraction for sure, but would you say that it is morally wrong to stan minors (when someone is much older) just because there is a chance that admiration might develop into a real attraction?

    I think it's too extreme to say it's wrong in every case. Although I guess it could make people feel uncomfortable to see adults talking about how pretty and charming teen stars are, I feel like that is just a natural way to see them when they are celebrities, singers, or performers. Like I said before, I think there is a difference between admiration and attraction.