Moonbyul and Solar renewed their contract+Wheein and Hwasa in discussion

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  • girlgroupstan21

    Changed the title of the thread from “Moonbyul and Solar renew, Wheein and Hwasa in discussion” to “Moonbyul and Solar renewed their contract+Wheein and Hwasa in discussion”.
  • I wouldn't be mad if 2 of them stay and 2 go to different companies, I imagine taking care of 4 solo artists is going to be hard though.......I know they're looking for better contracts so this is good...go where you think you'll have the best options

  • For everyone saying something about one or another thinking about other options

    I don't think it's like that.

    Here it's more like: "we want to continue as Mamamoo, but we also want to know how much time per year we will need to spend as full group"

    Example they want to release one album as a group in 12-18 months, nothing more.


    They want to have like 3 albums as group in next 12 months to make Mamamoo even bigger than they are now.

    + of course solo activities.

    None other label than RBW would give them so much freedom in terms of solo/ost/tv/group promotions.

  • there's definitely other companies that would give them freedom and other companies would give them way better promotion. rbw doesnt even give them much promotion. Its a shame moonbyul and solar renewed but maybe they signed with better terms. I hope wheein and hwasa find better companies for themsleves

  • I wouldnt be suprised if wheein and hwasa wouldn't renew.

    Wheein clearly is tired of the idol life style plus she had few chart hits under her belt which means she's probably well sought after among non-idol companies. With hwasa she's the biggest idol of 2020 her momentum is big. Non fans may have noticed that RBW gives a lot of their idols freedom but that also comes with the lack of proper management, budget and promo, everything is just a mess on wheels in that company.

    There is risk that if hwasa resigns with RBW that she might be forced to make less solo comebacks with smaller budget (because purple kiss will be the focus in 2021) then she may waste her momentum. Unfortunately if she stays without bargaining highly and demanding more out of RBW then it's basically her sacrificing her own career.

    I'm just saying as fan I will no longer complain about rbw's incompetence if all the members chose to resign.

  • Wow that's really an interesting take on things... never I thought someone would say things like that when we know that Mamamoo was main focus of RBW in all those years. Also they did what girls wanted and when Wheein said that she wants to rest and had influenza they gave her time that she needed. Not many idols really can go here and there and we've seen Moonbyul with her corgis in tv, we've seen Solar in camping and boss in the mirror, HwaSa in I live alone.

    In terms of Mamamoo you really can't be mad. They can have youtube channels, instagram accounts etc... When there are companies that won't allow members to do it. I would never say that last two years were a messy ones for Mamamoo. Rather than that I will say that it was a trully great time to be a Moomoo!

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