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    can't believe no one posted the OG R&B masterpiece

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    Statement regarding Seventeen’s Mingyu Seventeens-Mingyu-has-settled-with-one-of-his-school-bullying-accusers.jpg

    “Hello, this is Pledis Entertainment.

    We notify an additional update regarding the online school bullying rumors raised against Seventeen’s Mingyu.

    The agency has held several dialogues with the accuser who attended the same tutoring school as Mingyu, confirming the details of the allegations. Through the dialogues, both sides have come to a mutual agreement to settle misunderstandings and bring the issue to an end.

    This accuser, who went through various personal situations during their middle school days, stated that they published the bullying post in the hopes of making the injustices done to them known publicly. As a result, the topic of Mingyu came up.

    In response, our artist explained that he often played jokes with the other male classmates at the tutoring school; however, he had no intention of ‘bullying’ or mistreating any specific individuals with the intent to hurt and belittle. However, the artist also relayed that if his past actions inflicted discomfort on the accuser, then he offered his sincere apologies.

    The accuser has accepted Mingyu’s apology, as well as the terms of this settlement. The accuser has \ made it clear throughout the dialogues that they do not wish to see Mingyu leaving the group or halting his activities.

    Finally, Pledis Entertainment has also confirmed the contents of this statement in advance with the accuser, and the accuser has given their permission to publicize the contents mentioned.

    Now, Pledis Entertainment has successfully contacted all individual accusers who were open to dialogues. The agency is currently considering how to contact anonymous users who made allegations without identification.

    We will release any new or updated information as soon as they become available.” cr

    original post: theqoo

    1. Oh, they are handling the controversy neatly

    2. Cube, are you looking at Pledis?

    3. I’m glad he apologized to the victim

    4. Good, I hope the rest will be resolved soon

    5. “Pledis Entertainment has also confirmed the contents of this statement in advance with the accuser, and the accuser has given their permission to publicize the contents mentioned.” This part is the most impressive

    6. Thanks Pledis. This is the first time I’m grateful to the agency for this..

    7. I’m not a fan, and I’ve never said anything, but it’s the most obvious and best statement…

    8. Pledis is really good. Other agencies, look at Pledis and learn

    9. Everyone had a hard time…

    10. The statement is neat

    BLACKPINK ROSÉ solo single ‘On The Ground’ M/V

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    original post: theqoo

    1. What? I thought she would release a Korean solo album, but it was a pop album. I know that she’s so popular overseas, but it’s a pity

    2. It’s not a song that stays in my head for a long time

    3. What is a pop song? All lyrics are in English…

    4. I love the song ㅠㅠ

    5. I like Rosé’s voice, but this song is not very good.. It has no impact..

    6. She sings in English, but they put English subtitles, without Korean subtitles. Why are they ignoring Korean fans?

    7. I want to listen to this song in Korean

    8. It’s a pop song that feels outdated…

    9. I like the song ㅠㅠㅠㅠ All the scenes in the video are beautiful

    10. Seems like this is a song that only Rosé can sing

    (G)I-DLE’s Soojin met with the victim and denied bullying


    (G)I-DLE’s Soojin is reported to have personally met with her alleged school bullying victim.

    According to reports, Soojin and the alleged victim spoke for about an hour on March 11 KST. The alleged victim stated Soojin claimed not to remember what happened during their school days, and when the alleged victim explained what happened, the (G)I-DLE member continued to deny she was ever a perpetrator.

    The alleged victim expressed she was frustrated and asked, “If you’re going to be like this, why did you ask to meet?” Her sister also shared the alleged victim worked up a lot of courage to meet with Soojin, but nothing came substantive came from the meeting. cr

    original post: theqoo

    1. Crazy… The bully forgets and the victim remembers everything for the rest of her life

    2. Soojin is so disgusting, just retire

    3. Crazy, what about Soyeon?… I’m worried about Soyeon and the other members too ㅠㅠㅠ Soyeon writes songs for the group and does everything, but Soojin is ruining everything…

    4. I’m really curious about what’s in her head

    5. This was her last chance… Bye, idiot

    6. Well, bye, I won’t even listen to (G)I-DLE’s songs anymore

    7. Well, is she human? She’s trash and disgusting

    8. She’s the worst, I really don’t want to see her in the media anymore…

    9. Soojin, don’t make me feel guilty because I used to like you

    10. Shameless

    Wreaths are sent to Cube from the (G)I-DLE gallery

    Since Cube has not yet responded to the fan’s second statement, the (G)I-DLE gallery (their true fans) sent a rice wreath and 2 wreaths to Cube.

    For reference, they are planning to send more. Wreaths-are-sent-to-Cube-from-the-gallery-of-GI-DLE.jpg

    “Why are halting promotions while there’s no promotion? School violence shouldn’t lead to self-reflection but withdrawal”

    “Cube who is hugging a school violence perpetrator is also a perpetrator”

    “Either explain yourself clearly or quit”

    original post: theqoo

    1. The fans must be so upset..

    2. Is it a rice wreath in the middle? Cube, please listen to the fans’ opinions..

    3. Seo Soojin, please leave the group

    4. That’s right.. Withdraw or clarify

    5. Please withdraw as soon as possible…….

    6. I want Seo Soojin to see those wreaths with her own eyes. I want her to know that the fans turned their backs on her

    7. I bet those wreaths will be thrown in the trash soon

    8. Cube, wake up, please listen to the fans’ opinions

    9. (G)I-DLE’s fans are truly amazing compared to other fandoms

    10. Soojin, please apologize to the victim and leave the group



    T/N: the post are just screenshots so we'll translate the text only

    "I made a promise to stop responding to anonymous and malicious posts but I can't stand this anymore so I'm posting this. How can I prove that it wasn't me? How can I remember things that happened 11 and as long as 16 years ago and how am I supposed to prove it? That's right. I wasn't a person who lived without hurting anyone, nor was I a person who lived close to everyone like a saint while growing up. I have also been extorted for money for being "small/dwarf-sized", I have also been assaulted before. Then from now on, am I a victim too?

    I think that the place called "school" is a place where people can become good adults and members of society through a lot of trial and error, conflicts, and learning before the self is completely formed. I also learned from the trial and error and conflicts like I mentioned before.
    But within the legal, ethical and moral line.
    I will not deny that.
    Why do I have to apologize under the responsibility of an actor for my childhood, when I didn't have the dream to become an actor back then and which (the claims made about) were not true? If this part is a problem, I apologize.

    I'm sorry. I've never close to all the people from all my schools and all my grades. I was close with a small number of people, and my friends were really nice people. It seems that my narrow relationships and indifference towards the ill-feelings of people I was unrelated to were the problem. The past 10 years of my career has already collapsed and all the work was in progress has been halted. This is the amount of loss. It's indescribable. Mental damage? After the expose posts went viral, I only looked at the ground even if I went out of my house and for a couple of weeks, I lived without knowing what sleep was anymore.
    Is (what I'm saying) an emotional appeal while the posts made by anonymous people without a face the truth?

    (My) lawyer and (my) company have never pressured you for money, and if it feels like a threat, then how can I send you the proof of the content and how can I communicate the situation with you, who is living in a foreign country?
    You were the one who first contacted my lawyer through your acquaintance and you sought a favorable arrangement. Why are you sending the content of (the/your?) apology through an acquaintance to ask for a lawyer's opinion? Just like when you posted your anonymous post, you didn't do it according to anyone else's will but at your own will. I don't understand why you changed your opinion because the terms were not favorable enough. And don't blame others for getting laid off. That person knows very well that if this case becomes a gossip, it will be a big damage to me.

    Conspirator. I think that you know best why I am talking like this.. All of this is meaningless now. Thank you for allowing me to respond to you empty-handed just like you. I don't want the people who are previous to me and my agency to suffer anymore. I tried to keep the minimum dignity but I'm a human too and I am hurt, so I will reveal everything and talk in order to protect myself. I start from the person who spread the false post about me up to the malicious commenters, I will go until the end."

    original post: here

    1. He's acting like a victim just like Park Hye Sooㅋㅋㅋㅋ You could've just apologized in the first place. Acting like things are so unfair for you when we all know you're threatening the victim behind the scenes... I'm vomitting

    2. Byunggyu lied ever since the first exposer came out (The first exposer said that JBG was in New Zealand during a specific period, but people shut him down because they claimed that JBG wasn't there). So many accusations followed after that. The victim was able to prove with the same school emblem. The moment when that W account on IG who claimed to be a Byunggyu friend started to go around was the same time when JBG released his IG post about how unfair things were for him. So how are we supposed to trust him?

    3. If you're gonna expose your own side, you should prepare to show us your immigration proofs Byunggyu-yah

    4. If it was that easy for him to prove his side, why doesn't he give us the proofs? He could've easily done that by proving us the dates he left New Zealand so why isn't he doing it?

    5. F*ck just retire already

    6. The victim was already able to prove that everything he did actually happened with proofs of when it happened. He was the one who got caught lying about the dates of his boarding school. All he could've done was prove us when he left the country

    7. Why doesn't he just show us the proof of when he left the country????

    8. Sigh.... Until when is he going to bullsh*t like this...

    9. If he's going to write a letter of plea like that, why doesn't he just show us the proofs of when he left the country? Wouldn't that make the entire situation different? That's the easiest way for him to prove that it didn't happen, it's because of this one thing that nobody is believing JBG

    10. Byunggyu-yah remove your IG and give your phone back to your company. Just shut up already if you want to quench the fire

    11. ?? Princess needs to get his phone confiscated..^^

    12. If you think things are so unfair for you, should've just lived a clean life to start with

    13. I can clearly tell the way this guy is living his life.... The moment things don't go his way in his life, he's acting up on his own and can't contain his anger. If you're not here to apologize, just shut up. He's always there making his case look worse for himself

    14. Bad character once, still a bad character now. This guy is just evil

    15. Wow...! A👏 MA👏 ZING👏


    Why do I have to apologize under the responsibility of an actor for my childhood, when I didn't have the dream to become an actor back then and which (the claims made about) were not true? If this part is a problem, I apologize.

    Since I burst out laughing at that part, this should belong to the humor category

    original post: here

    1. The way he only talks with money is giving me goosebumps

    2. Childhood only applies to elementary schoolㅡㅡ Adolescence isn't called childhood you dumb

    3. What the heck is he saying

    4. Being an actor is just a job. He's just avoiding the way he led a wrong life

    5. You've already made a mistake when you decided to become an actor when you have harassed people before. Should've just lived a quiet life hiding

    6. F*ck is he saying that if he knew he would become an actor, he wouldn't have acted like this?

    7. His reply is seriously the worst;; Do they not have a crisis management team?;;

    8. Looks he doesn't consider the old him as himself

    9. He wrote that by himself? Hul...

    10. ㅋㅋㅋ Is he joking?



    t/n: SV = school violence, JBG = Jo Byung Gyu

    The suspicion of actor JBG's SV seems to have not yet ended.

    On the morning of the 10th, JBG's New Zealand SV exposer revealed that he has proposed the actor's agency, HB Entertainment, a “public verification” to prove his accusations.

    The person who proposed official public verification to his agency created an account called 'victimofmr_cho' on Instagram last month and claimed that he had been assaulted by JGB in a norebang while studying in New Zealand.

    He said, “On the 21st of February, I was contacted by the legal representative of JBG's agency through another schoolmate. They have contacted me with the intention to sue me and demand an unimaginable amount of damage collaterals. I just sat there for the moment and my thoughts went blank" he said. "The schoolmate asked me that starting from the DMs with the lawyers, I should delete all the posts that I've made and release an apology".

    He added, “(From JBG's side) a clarification was posted, and even though the truth and the lie were reversed, I could not do anything, I was helpless. If I could turn it back, I would've apologized a hundred times to end this nightmare.”

    In addition, he claimed that there was a third party person who has continuously pressured him through SNS DMs. He said, “Ever since the 24th, W has sent DMs to people around me without a break. When I didn't answer, he crossed the line and started contacting my girlfriend, and classmates and mentioned my family, my company and even my friends to intimidate me. W's messages were malicious and slanderous towards me.”

    A assumes that this was the situation that happened to the first person who has tried to expose JBG for suspicions over school violence, referring to the letter of a proposal for a settlement from JBG's agency. If you cannot give me a satisfactory answer and clarification, you will have to deal with what the truth is".
    (t/n: A has posted an IG update on the situation talking about JBG's agency, the request for public investigation and W on his IG


    original post: here

    1. W isn't even a schoolmate and he doesn't seem to know anything about this scandal, so I'm seriously wondering what they're doing? Why do they want to live like that? And tormenting the victim on top of this..

    2. He's seriously the worst and he's evil on top of that. So scary. I don't want to see him on TV again

    3. At this rate, I have to acknowledge that Jisoo's response was the best of them --> acknowledgement --> reflection --> self-restrain --> army. I feel like he's the only one who could redeem himself in the future..

    4. Why is he, Park Hye Soo and Soojin acting so evil? Can they stop already and just admit

    5. Hul....

    6. Let's upvote this article so we can send strength to the victim. I don't want to see JBG again. The kids sending the victim hate comments and DMs are not in their right minds. Wake up. You guys have nothing to gain from this, you're just crazy (t/n: not sure why this article isn't trending on Naver when it has 2000+ recommendations and the #1 trending article on Naver has 50 recommendations)

    7. Why do we live in a world that is so beneficial to perpetrators?

    8. The moment I saw the New Zealand victim remove his post and shut his mouth on that night and started posting weird IG stories, I could tell that someone like W has appeared. It was such a freaking comedy. Why would W act so dumb? We can see their game right through. I always knew that the victim was being threatened behind the scenes to get his mouth shut. This is giving me goosebumps

    9. They're telling the victim to pay? Where's the shame?

    10. He's the worst of all the school violence celebrities. He still has so many fans who like him and I can't understand this either. I really think that we need to treat celebrities who have acknowledged their past and apologized different. He's at the point of no return, at this rate he needs to retire

    11. What him and Park Hyesoo need is not to retire but to be buried alive

    12. Why are they asking the victim to pay for his damages?ㅋㅋㅋ Would there be any damages if he had led a clean life in the first place?

    13. School violence perpetrators will always resort to power tripsㄷㄷㄷ

    14. He's still acting like a bully even nowㅠㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅠㅠ He needs to be punished F*ck

    15. Park Hye Soo did the same thing. Those f*ckers all act like thugs towards victims tsk tsk

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    (G)I-DLE Soojin’s birthday celebration on Cube Entertainment’s Twitter


    original post: theqoo

    1. Crazy… I guess they’re psychotic. Do they think we’re stupid?

    2. Bye

    3. I feel bad for the other members. I hate Cube and Soojin

    4. Disgusting, shameless

    5. They work without thinking… Cube is trash

    6. I doubt my eyes

    7. Soyeon-ah, please escape from that agency ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    8. Bye, I boycott Cube from now on

    9. I apologize to the rest of the members, but I don’t really want to consume anything from Cube anymore

    10. Disgusting, I don’t want to listen to Cube songs anymore



    "She contacted the people around me and said that she wrote on her Insta regardless of her own will. She said that doesn't remember anything from the things she did to me and to all the other victims. She then said that I could pay 10 billion - 20 billion won for penalty/cancellation fee (?) and asked if it was fine. At this point, she's asking me to stop and is threatening me."

    "And you called someone else crying asking them to be a "false witness"

    You stalked my FB and you posted pictures that were totally unrelated to this scandal to slander me and the people around me. You are turning me and all the victims into liars.
    Do I have to be treated like an assailant because I wasn't a model student?..
    I reported this as a victim and I wasn't the only one. A lot of people have complained to me and I'm just making it public. Seriously, it's like my insides are torn into pieces and I'm hurt and being unfairly treated so I'm feeling strangled. I just wanted an apology and an acknowledgement.
    Why do I have to hide in the past even though I was a victim and why do I have to hide again even now...?"

    original post: here

    1. I don't even think that her own penalty fee is 10 billion...

    2. Why is she asking the victim to pay the cancellation fee? Shouldn't she be the one paying it?

    3. This is just ridiculous

    4. She's using threats and slanders, she's evil until the end

    5. Seriously evil wow...

    6. Looks like all of this was because of some cancellation fee

    7. This is the best of the best

    8. Park Hyesoo, just stop already. You will suffer less loss like this

    9. Hyesoo-yah, are you sure that the 10-20 billion isn't your issue?ㅋㅋㅋ why are you living like this?ㅋㅋ