fav jmovie live action

  • Love letter is iconic. It was probably the first Japanese live action film I watched as a kid.

    "무중력으로 다시 수면으로 떠오를 때, 나는 다른 사람이되는 상상을한다" - 쿠사나기 모토코 (1995)

  • there are lot starting from films of Akira Kurosawa

    but i have watched movie "As the Gods Will" (2014) yesterday

    it has been out for 7 years, i have only watched yesterday :clown:

    what is ur fave jmovies ?

    For live action this one is definitely one of my favorites!

    I also really enjoyed Lesson of the Evil!

    ~ ω

  • I actually really liked the Death Note live actions (not the Netflix one obviously). I think Kenichi Matsuyama did a great job as L. Nothing can compete with the anime, tho..

  • I used to stay up late to catch Movie Macabre with Elvira on weekends during the 80's. I was thrilled to hear finally after 20+ years they were going to release some of the shows on DVD.

    The one reason to buy was to see Elvira host the movies and add her comedic take on the film. Her over the top character and dialog filled with innuendo was what made her fun to watch.

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