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    Tbh, I wasn't fan of any ITZY title track until I heard MAFIA. I really like it. When it comes to Alcohol Free, it's just meh to me... As someone already said, it's not catchy, and its' not even impactful enough to be a title track. This could've worked as a B-side, but I still don't know if TWICE are the right choice for this song. Also, it's super short? And I can't even differentiate the chorus from the rest of the song. I know songs with a different arrangement than the usual can be really good and that can actually be their advantage, but this just wasn't it. I'll have to check the rest of the album, I'm sure there are some B-sides that have much more potential as a title track.


    I'm surprised that no one talked about Ryoc's character in that movie. The beard and the hair looked horrible and cheap af.

    Everything looks cheap and like done in 10 minutes. The producers were thinking that if they gather lots of idols there would be no need to invest in other things since success is guaranteed. But the ratings showed the truth.

    I'm watching it because of Yunho and JY, but tbh the production totally destroyed such a good story. that could help a little bit the industry, with their cheap investment.

    Oh yeah, I totally forgot about Ryoc's hair and makeup for that historical drama...

    I've thought about this for a while now. Seems YG understands this as well. BP only need to drop one song every two years and they will continue to stay on top.

    The amount of hype Aespa got before they even sang one note triggered me. Why is kpop the one industry that rewards groups just for breathing?

    I like BP, but it does hurt the girls have probably more experience in modeling than in performing at this point...

    I didn't watched it yet and went on Viki ... just to see how many episodes it allready got ... Yunho a main actor? ooof

    PS: the show got a 9.8 rating on Viki

    Fans of the webtoon or the idols probably gave it good ratings. Tbh, you shouldn't trust the ratings on Viki. Some good shows have ratings lower than 9, and some horrible shows have amazing ratings. When it comes to Yunho, I believe he's the one playing Yu Jin. He's the typical too good to be true second male lead, that won't get the girl and he honestly doesn't have that much screen time, so if you were thinking of watching it for him, don't bother...

    I couldn't help but notice how subpar the styling choices were in Imitation (at least to me). It's a drama about the kpop industry, one of the glitziest and most stylish industries, and yet the styling is not that great... Here are some examples of what I'm talking about.

    Exhibit A: Maha's hair


    I can't pinpoint what exactly, but something's just weird about her hair. And a lot of other viewers pointed that out. I don't know if it's a case of bad extensions or they're just not styling her hair properly. She cut her hair in episode 2 and that hairstyle lasted like 5 minutes, and they just switched to her old (long) hair without any explanation. It's also more apparent when you're watching the show, than when you're just looking at this picture.

    Exhibit B: Whatever the fk this is


    Maha's La Rima costume is just so bad. That's the cheapest wig I've ever seen. I don't know if this was intentional or not. I could kind of understand this when she was a nobody desperate for any kind of gig/performance and probably couldn't afford anything better. But this was on a freaking music (or variety) show when she became an idol. Her CEO could've invested in a better costume if he already decided to let her act as Rima's copycat (I'm not hating on the CEO, but dude, you could've bought a better wig).

    Exhibit C: What they did to poor Hwiyoung's hair...



    Ngl, this one hurts the most... What is with this terrible, terrible bowl cut? He did not deserve this... :pepe-sad:

    Exhibit D: Maha's wardrobe




    Why are they dressing her as if she's ready to go to a retirement home... I feel like these outfits would be a lot cuter if the clothes didn't look so huge on her. Also, I feel like it'd work better on someone a bit taller.

    Exhibit E: Maha's eyebrows



    Exhibit F: Ryoc's hair (sometimes)


    If it wasn't apparent already, I really dislike these thick bowl cuts, covering the entirety of a person's forehead. They just look like helmets, sorry... This is much better, imo:


    Exhibit G: Tea Party's debut outfits


    Okay, these are kind of cute. But I still think it's a good idea, that wasn't executed the best.

    So, yeah, I'm not happy with the stylist' work... Is this how it's supposed to be according to the webtoon? I don't know, is it just me that has not taste...? Well, at least I can look at the sexy CEO:


    DISCLAIMER: I've noticed the majority of these are about Maha, so I just wanted to clarify that I'm not at all trying to criticize Jung Ji So's looks. I think she's a very pretty, young, promising actress. My criticism is directed at the people who made the styling choices.

    Try anti-romantic with earphones if you didn’t tried it yet. I was working the last three night and I put it my earphones so I can stream...anti-romantic with earphones is heavenly. They sounds so gentle and soft I couldn’t stop smiling.


    Oh I always listen to music with my earphones in :-D