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  • you seem like a pretty chill person :pepelove1:

  • Hi, thanks for the follow. :cutes:

    Idk much about you though, what are your fav groups? :melon_think:

    • Yw :pepelove2:

      Well, DAY6 are definitely my favorite K-pop (rock?) band and I appreciate them the most, but I consider myself a multifan. I'm going to listen to anything I like. I do tend to listen to NCT, Red Velvet, SHINee quite often. But I usually have periods when I listen to one group for a couple of days, and then I switch to another one, lol. As I said, I'm fond of a lot of groups, those are just first ones that come to mind.

      Also, I adore Hyuna, but that's probably more because of her personality than music

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    • Ooh cool, NCT and Red Velvet are two of my fav groups haha

      Is Joy your RV bias?

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    • Yes :pepelove1:

    • Oh nice, my bias is Seulgi. :cutes:

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    • Seulgi's charisma is

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  • Thanks for the follow! :pepelove1: I see you're also a myday :eyes:

    • Yup :lovec:

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    • Who's your bias? :/

    • That's a difficult question, I love them all equally. But if I had to pick the favorite voice, then Sungjin.

    • Oh well mines is Jae

      usually I'd have a Jae aesthetic but rn it's Joy

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    • Yeah, Jae brought me to Day6, lol. I used to watch ASC a bit and thought he's hilarious, still do. But he's also much more than that, I wish jay why pee gave him more opportunities... Actually, I wish DAY6 release themselves from the shackles of JYP, but I don't want them to disband...

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