Anyone watching Boys Planet.

  • no I refuse to support this monstrosity and it's evil editing towards my 7 year veteran boys and making hui appear to be a washed up idol with a final chance.

    Xiao (dongyeol) and Hwanhee deserve better

    So does winnie the other 2 nine.i boys, Keita, and hui. The show is a joke

  • Jay, Zhang Hao, Matthew, Kim Gyuvin, Sung Hanbin, Haruto, Keita, Bak Doha etc.

    There are a lot of talented traines, so far Jay is my favorite among them. He seems like a kind person and his vocals are amazing. I hope he debuts.

    To me, the one basking in infinite glory is you, the one fallen from grace is also you. What matters is 'you' and not the state of you ♥[/align]

  • I don't watch it but I hope for a good ranking of these 4 dudes

    • Hiroto Ikumi -> He apeared on Produce 101 Japan season 1 in 2019. After that he randomly left his first company which screwed over the debut of a boygroup since cause of him leaving 2 other trainees left the company randomly. only some weeks later in 2020 he revealed to have joined RBW Entertainment in Korea and in 2021 he apeard on Chuang2021. However after he got quit popular in China all trainees outside of Hiroto left RBW so people who complained that he wasn't debuting since he got popular felt that RBW was starting to waste him. This is his 3rd survival show now
    • Ichika Uehara -> He is the older brother of Jun Uehara (who is member of the JPop-group Orbit), I first ever heard of him when he was on Chuang2021. I only wish he could make it now since he is not only the oldest on the show with almost 31 years old but since it would be interesting to see him making it, since his little brother is also a vocalist now xD
    • Kei Okano -> I first didn't realy knew who he is but when I saw from what agency he was it made quit sense. He is with a company where I like a lot of their groups and it quit shook me when I saw he was member of the boygroup EDAMAME BEANS with who he promotes since he was 11 (!) years old. He is only 16 and is allready very experienced so that should be a plus point for him
    • Anthonny Inuma -> I first ever saw him on Produce 101 Japan season 2 but since he didn't ranked far in the front I totally forgot about him. I was quit surprised when I read he was now trainee of a Korean company

    I hope that at least 1 of them could make it

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