one of the main reasons im sad that the produce 101 series ended

  • is the format. i dont think you understand how i loved it. i liked the A-F ranks and how they shuffled the ranks before the signal song performance on mcountdown. and i hated the cells in girls planet, it sucked ass!! i heard they might do a season5 of produce after boys planet but i think its unlikely.

    (off topic but are any of you watching boys planet? i will if i can find 2 or 3 trainees i like by first ep, because i dont watch boy group survival shows. only for the ladies!1!1)

  • I miss the most the performances quality and the sense that the final group is really beneficial to the girls carrer since the group is guaranteed to be popular.

    About boys planet, I'm gonna watch it, but I'm not as hyped since I'm more into ggs.

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