• Lol it’s more difficult for BTS to be forgotten than to be surpassed

    They have cemented themselves in global music history. Anyone living in this period of time will remember them, even non fans, seeing how their enlistment news was going viral among local twt with some even getting 300k likes.

    It may be possible for BTS achievements like album sales(due to inflation) or a much more popular group to come close to their streams and charting. But these achievements will always be mentioned next to BTS and they will remain the standard for a long long time just like the Beatles and other big legacy acts still hold onto records till this day.

    That’s what BTS impact will be in kpop.

  • No, BTS will never be forgotten. They've achieved too much for that. It's probably antis wishing they will be but BTS will remain one of the most iconic groups both for K pop and the west. They are already legends in their own time.

  • I don't really think BTS will be surpassed. Like nobody is even remotely BTS level global charting. Nobody is anywhere close to doing stadium world tour. Only album sales can be surpassed but that too will require the biggest groups (skz, svt, nct, txt) to go all in with the digipacks and other gimmicks.

  • Kpop fans love to treat bts like nugus. Like they're one of biggest phenomenon in the kpop scene not some nugu indie band. Even if their comeback in 2025 doesn't do good(which I doubt) they'll always be remembered as a legendary boy group.

  • I didn't recognize the pretty girl in your signature, until it hits me that it's Yoongi's female version 😅

  • I know sometimes it's hard not engaging with nonsensical comments esp if it's a lie coming out of their asses. But, BTS will be in hiatus for how many years and it's useless 'defending' them online. Just keep it to yourself until the given cb date. Cause I know for sure that it will be a HUGE event and that's not an exaggeration. BTS will cb & do a World Tour that we & the members deserve after a long time one way or another.

    Let them enjoy their predictions for now. It's already embarrassing how other fandom want BTS to be gone, so their favorite artists can have some sort of 'specific' domination or spotlight 💀 In reality, MOST people still know BTS irl which shows the contrast of how much media coverage BTS gets compared to the rest of the group. These album sales & specific records will merely stays in fandom/stan spaces unlike impact (which BTS will attain for decades). Just the consumption alone for BTS is loud enough as it is, let alone if you compared it to the rest of the groups.

    Besides, y'all are not in Busan when I physically witnessed BTS' power & demand. NO ARTISTS (kpop or western) have a pull like BTS. Literally, every person are present in that event from younger to older (male or female). And majority of these people (including me) literally came from other countries just to see BTS. And I witnessed how beautiful the city was filled with Purple lights and the BTS/ARMY logo. The trip was surely worth it.

  • BTS will become a group that will have their core fans who will show up for every tour they possibly go on even if they stop appearing in the media or in GP down the line.

    Idk why people are acting like BTS is going MIA till 2025 when members will still release solo and keep themselves visible for the fans

    The media will follow with clout which BTS will still have plenty along the line. There's no need to elaborate on that. GP is easy once they released another hit song. Using YTC as BTS 'downfall' isn't credible when BTS have underperformed songs like ON (which then they followed with Dynamite). Also, it's more useless to use this year's charting when BTS just had close to 50M views, good TV ratings for their 'concert' and so on. It's interesting that I only see these ridiculous predictions on BTS in allkpop tho out of all social platforms.

  • svt might be able to surpass their album sales with 10 more versions, can win the 'best kpop' catagory, daesangs but the impact wouldnt be the same.

    currently a lot groups has bigger sales and more awards than blackpink yet bp is the second biggest group.

    also no other bg has reached the 2017 bts level even with higher sales and #1's.

  • BTS won't be forgotten in Korea and among die-hard KPop fans.

    However whether that will hold true among casual i-fans is something I have no assurance of

    lmao if there is one group that casual i-fans will remember, it's BTS. it's more realistic to say that they would forget about literally every other group before they forget about BTS

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