So Seungri made a combo out of his jail time and military time and he is getting out early but people who have physical/mental struggles get extra time

  • I don't think this is just a celebrity thing

    I think everyone can do this combo, as for the other one even non celebs with physical or mental illness have to do extra 6 month.

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  • I read that he was going to be out Jan 2022

    His prison time was 1.5 years

    If he was sentenced in August 2021 that means some of his enlistment time went toward prison time even if he is out by June

    Yes, he did 1 month of his mandatory service in military prison. But they couldn't discharge him until he exhausted all his appeals and the sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court, so he spent 9 extra months in the military. He wasn't out of jail by June, he was out of military jail and transferred to a civilian jail.

  • I've always said seungri and/or YG must have strong connections to authorities to get him out of trouble.

    There were a lot of seemingly unrelated crimes or issues and he was the converging point to them all (burning sun owner, using hookers to seal business deals under YG credit details, group chats with rapists etc) and yet with all those criminal associations be still managed to avoid a criminal trial, almost got away by enlistment and after he was actually tried be got a measly 1 year ish sentence. They're is no way such a criminally tangled person can get pardoned from such serious allegations without those working on the inside.

    Just goes to show off you have money and power you can be untouchable from the law.

  • let's be honest we are talking less than a month here he was found guilty in August and was set to be released from the military in September.

    So he spent months in military prison because of appeals instead of serving his last month of active service not a big deal

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