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    Today 13 years ago Kissing You mv was revealed \o/ The first music show stage was actually one day before that and the song had only been announced a few days earlier on 8th, with Girls' Generation goodbye stage then being on 9th. That's a tight af schedule.

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    Yay \o/ Ha the title was actually intentional, I almost just straight quoted the song. Maybe I should've--

    Yeah I finally figured out how the video thing works, turns out reading the help posts is actually useful who would've thought lol

    Ah the models, taste. IGAB is probably my third favorite title from them? Maybe fourth, sometimes Galaxy Supernova just pushes through. Complete is such a pretty song <3

    I could actually do with some recommendations from her, I haven't listened to her much ^^

    I'm nearsighted at -9 so I need glasses. I'm actually not sure if the measurement for lense strength is the same everywhere so sorry if -9 makes no sense :D I'm pretty used to the glasses by now since I've worn them for some 17 years. Occasionally annoying but I just tell myself it's basically a lazy accessory.

    I've considered surgery but I'm worried I might lose my night vision, I'd rather see alright all the time with glasses than well only half the time.

    I actually like the retro theme here more than the look of the old one, usually I hate change so this is a nice surprise. The default style was pretty terrible tho. Oh yeah, I'm on akp only on PC so I ctrl+scrolled out once so it's not so huge anymore :D

    Hii. Oof I've been trying to get into some fresher groups, Aespa is somewhat interesting but with only song I'm not 100% yet. I think someone mentioned an upcoming girl group has SNSD Yuri's cousin in it so I guess I'm looking forward to that one at least. Need to put in the effort to watch some new gen variety.

    Thanks for the suggestions \o/ Good Detective's been suggested before too so I think I'll start with that one.

    Hey there! Nice to meet you (again, perhaps, idk haha) ^^

    Hehe likewise :D

    Well I'm not new at all since I've wasted way too much time here since 2017 but I figured since it's a new forum and my last introduction was yearsss ago I might as well SEEK MORE ATTENTION


    I'm a perpetual nordic potato from the backwoods of Finland. I feel like I've not gone through any emotional growth since my last introduction, in fact I might have actually gone backwards, but at least my taste in k-pop has branched out a bit from huge girl groups to slightly smaller girl groups and sometimes I even listen to female soloists which imo is some revolutionary shit.

    At least I can say that after 12 years of desperate sonedom I've finally properly fallen into the melancholy Taeyeon trap. Help?

    I'm mostly into girl groups but occasionally I listen to some boy group songs like Exo's The Eve and Love Shot (heh), Vixx's Scentist and Shangri-la (I'm sensing a pattern here but it gets better), some songs from TVXQ's Tense album, some Seventeen and some Monsta X. I also consider myself a vip and I'd list Made as one of the best albums everrrr but overall there's a lot to unpack there.

    Originally I had a long sone retirement home mojitos umbrellas SM how dare you release a kihno rant here but it got too much so, my ult is still SNSD. I like everyone (ot9) but if I'd have to choose a bias I'd go with Hyo every time. My favorite SNSD title track is All Night, favorite b-side depends on the day.

    It's funny because in the first introduction I mentioned Pristin. I remember this because someone asked about biases or something and I mentioned Kyulkyung. Well Pristin got Pristined so that's nice. Then Hinapia got Pristined so that's even more nice.

    Ok I found the thread, I mentioned Gugudan too. WELL GUESS WHAT HAPPENED TO GUGUDAN-

    Almost every group I've been into has disbanded or gone on indefinite hiatus. Nothing makes me as excited as 2nd gen stuff used to, but that's just me getting older. Mostly I'm just here to make SNSD threads, please don't hate me for that :D I can get a bit awkward but I'm working on that.

    Oh I've actually been getting into k-dramas, I started watching K2 and Oh My Venus which is the best kind of cringe and Seohyun's Private Lives which has been surprisingly entertaining. Actually finished Korean Odyssey. Oh also started Hotel del Luna. I'm having a hard time focusing on just one ^^'

    Nice to meet you guys again?


    I think their involvement was minimal and she was kicked out because she refused to share her future business earnings with SM. Before Sicagate happened we have vids of the girls on stage clowning around and when they were in LA some months earlier Fany said said Sica would be venturing into designing so they definitely knew what she was planning and at least in the case of Tiffany were supportive, something just went wrong.

    If there was some involvement I believe it was more likely some of them not being willing to stand up for her against SM than them outright voting her out.

    I guess I should be voting 25%?