Private Lives

  • I. Introduction

    Private Lives is a south korean television series starring Seohyun, Go Kyung-pyo and Kim Hyo-jin.

    It aired on JTBC from October 7 to November 26, 2020 and is available for streaming worldwide on Netflix.

    II. Synopsis

    The story revolves around a group of swindlers

    who stumbles upon secret information that could harm the nation. Using their skills and conning techniques, they go up against a huge conglomerate to reveal a major “private life''.

    III. Main Cast

    - Seohyun as Cha Joo-eun:

    A 29-year-old veteran swindler who doesn't like a hard and nasty life. She is a woman who manipulates her own private life. Since her school days, she has contributed greatly to her family business as a life-type swindler.

    - Go kyung-pyo as Lee Jung-hwan:

    GK Technology Development Team 2's Team Manager. He is a man who threw his private life among crooks to live. He actually runs a detective agency named Spy Detective Agency. Unaware of Joo-eun's private life, Jung-hwan asks her to marry him with a trembling heart, and the marriage of the two goes in a flurry.

    - Kim Hyo-jin as Jeong Bok-gi/Sophia Chung:

    A former announcer by the name of Jeong Yoon-kyung. She is a woman who uses other people's private lives. When everyone in her country tried to kill her, only Jae-wook reached out a helping hand. She was reborn as a swindler conqueror by holding hand with Jae-wook.

    - Kim Young-min as Kim Jae-wook/Edward Kim:

    A swindler from GK Technology. He is a man who tramples on other people's private lives.