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    Pffttt... the one with constant on the bottom of the line distribution?? Yeah they really APPRECIATED her vocal 🤭

    Leeseo is vital to Ive, she will not be on the constant top 3 in their line distribution if she is not. I'm never saying that Eunchae is not important in Lsf lol, Im just saying that she is really weak outside of her maknae title. In year or two people will get tired of it and started questioning what else she good at outside of being a goofy maknae.

    I think you may not be objective in your assessment. A particular maknae was last and got only 6% in a recent online poll of the favorite 4th gen maknae with 229k+ votes, whilst another maknae got 59%. So this particular maknae is effectively in a "and friends" role in their group.

    She was super cute on debut, but as young idols mature they get less cute, and sometimes they are lucky and get a lot prettier and sometimes not.

    YG had the best media play in the industry. How do you think BP became #1?

    They don't have to anymore, but I'm sure they will turn it on when BM debuts.

    It is more than just press releases. Its all media, positive and negative. Only Kakao comes close.

    Who is more successful now?

    A. The group with a revenue of $300million+ in the last 12 months, or

    B. The group with a revenue of say $80million+ in the last 12 months, but is currently more popular and in 2-3years will most likely but it is not guaranteed to have a revenue of $300million+

    fyi A is both Twice and BP

    So if you answer B, you are saying NJ is more successful than both Twice and BP now

    This is only for Korea. Its accurate, but not.

    Also it is based on various criteria including press releases and social media.

    Snsd/sones are pros at this game.

    While WY is insanely popular with her fans, Yujin is more bankable from a marketing perspective and imo more popular now with the Korean general public, and the new CFs for this year reflect that.

    Yes, they obviously are, by putting forth metrics where these new groups are excelling for the moment while trying to avoid any metric where Twice still leads.

    I'm not interested in hypotheticals or whether they should make sense, I'm only interested in the facts, which is that NJ don't even tour, much less at Twice's scale. Do they get a pass for this on the way to being declared "queens of the game?" No, they absolutely do not. It's a huge point against them, young group or not. And this is my entire point: If you wish to directly compare a newer group to an older, established one, you naturally put the newer group at a disadvantage. They don't receive any handicaps, handouts, hypotheticals, or conveniently positive predictions to help even the playing field. All they have is their actual resume, and it better stand up to scrutiny.

    Yes we do. Growing a loyal fandom is the whole name of the game. The Korean GP (particularly girl group fans) is fickle and will drop you like a bad habit the moment there's something newer & shinier. If NJ expect to rely on them instead of their own fandom, they are SCREWED.


    The likelihood is that in a couple of years NJ will be as big as BP and Twice, if not bigger, since they are a Hybe group and can take advantage of the foundations laid by BTS, BP and Twice.

    But 2-3 years is a long time in kpop and anything can happen. Just like Itzy was the trending group a couple of years ago and they are now nowhere, and its looking like Ive isn't going to scale up from their initial domestic success up to the international level.

    There is no doubt that NJ is the current trending group. But the trending group changes every 12 months.

    16 months ago the trending group was Ive. Now their growth and overseas metrics are so subpar, that Kakao are starting to dump their shares in Ive.

    12 months before Ive, the trending group was Aespa. They are still going ok, but nobody claims that they are the top 4th gen group now.

    And 12 months before Aespa, the trending group was Ityz. They aren't even in the top 5 trending groups now.

    I can't believe people are comparing Twice to trash tier groups that in their peak are contenting themselves being a distant 4 or 5 place group in Korea when Twice was the number 1 for 3-4 years in their peak and now are the only GG in history to sell out stadium in the number 1 and 2 markets in the world.

    A group that has 16-17million sales and has sold out massive stadiums world wide to a GG that can't even sell out venues half the size Twice was playing in fanmeets years ago and another that literally can't even tour yet cos they would be playing stops or 400 ish people per show lol.

    Twice made more money, fame and domestic relevance than your forever mid tier faves from their 9 number 1's than your girlies will in their whole career surviving off pumping albums to China for 5 Yuan a piece to pretend to be relevant.

    Exactly. Success is not a 6+ year group still competing at the same level with nugu 1-2 year old groups, and relying on uncle Kakao to help them in an irrelevant market.

    I'm really curious. Do you truly believe if a group that does well on the Korean charts but can't do tours in stadiums and sell a million album is better off than Twice? Do you really think there is currently another girl group other than BP that generate more income than Twice?

    Exactly. Both BP and Twice haven't gaf about Korea for years, as income from Korea is only 1-3% of what they make outside Korea. They do the absolute minimum promotions in Korea just to avoid local criticism. This is because the more time that they spend there, the less money they make.

    Charting Korea is just a waste of time/resources/money, because Korea is an irrelevant market to a successful group. If a group still needs to chart in Korea, it means they haven't progressed to the next level.

    But is success in Korea that important or is it irrelevant.

    If BP disbands, Twice is going to be the #1 group in the world, and they can't even get into the Melon 100. Or to be more accurate, they only do the absolute minimal promotions that they need to do in Korea, because the more time they spend in Korea, the less money they make.

    No she was over-rated. imo 50% of all new girl group members that have debuted recently is better than her.

    However, if they had a token Chinese member, then yes. You would have the Chinese bulk buying en-mass their albums.

    In Korea, Ive is in front, because Koreans hate Japanese and LSF has 2 Japanese instead vs 1 in Ive. Globally, they are in front of Ive, by a lot. I mean in the top five 4th gen girl groups, Ive is last or 2nd last in every metric except Korean digitals and #EVERYBODYKNOWS.

    Ive anyway will be doa soon, since Kakao is dumping shares in them, basically because they are last or 2nd last in every metric except Korean digitals and #EVERYBODYKNOWS. They will most probably use that money to get gidle to sign with them.