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    omg pretty :cutes:

    As a lyOn and a fan of Conan Gray, like I said before I was really surprised, shocked yet happy about this. I am truly hoping they cover CheckMate and The King. 🤞🏻

    DKB (다크비) is a 9 member rookie South Korean Boy Group underneath Brave Entertainment. (Who is also home to Brave Girls, Jung Je-Won and formerly Bigstar). The members E-Chan, Teo, D1, GK, HeeChan, Lune, Junseo, Yuku and Harry June recently celebrated their first 1000 days anniversary with fans ('BB' or 'DKB's Bestie) on October 29th, 2022.

    After celebrating with fans on Vlive, DKB would take to Instagram to thank fans in both Korean and English in a statement that writes:

    "BB들이 보내준 사랑으로 무럭무럭 자란 다크비가 어느덧 데뷔 1000일을 맞이했습니다 🥺❤️

    우리 앞으로도 둘도 없는 단짝 친구로서 더 빛날 미래를 향해 함께 걸어가자구요 !! 🥰

    정말 사랑해요 BB !! 😍❤️❤️.

    DKB, who grew up with the love BBs sent, has already reached 1000 days since our debut 🥺❤️

    Let's always stay together and move towards a brighter future as best friends !! 🥰

    we love you so much BB !! 😍❤️".

    On October 27th 2022, was the same day 2 years ago that DKB achieved their first 1 Million Views in less then 24 hours with 'Work Hard' . This mv currently has 12,726,662 views!.


    I did make an article about this on allthekpop, however seeing as only 50% of my articles are posted, I wanted to post this here to celebrate as well!~. Congrats to fellow BB's and DKB!. Screen Shot 2022-10-29 at 7.23.12 PM.png

    Honestly I wouldn't think so, at least not to some extent some people have.

    For me, there might be handful of things that I found out I enjoyed the style of. This being when Wonho or Bobby wore Bomber Jackets and I actually enjoyed the over all style.

    But I don't think I would ever wear something crazily expensive out of my pay grade just because a idol wore it. I'm not that kind of person. 🤷‍♀️

    Honestly I probably wouldn't. Although JK is great, everyone has their own personal tastes.

    If anything, its kinda stupid to sell it like this. Is it even legal for him to be selling it? I know probably not but that can't make JK feel like he can trust the guy if this is what he does..

    Oooh interesting, I also know Trendz as InterBoys so no worries lol. I soooo agree with your opinion on fall, I love it so much.

    I'm not the best writer either but I love it!, so I totally get it. I also do google reviews and take photos for them to. So I totally get it.

    I was a pre debut fan of CRAVITY once upon a time, I love seeing so many people become their fan!.

    Oooh I'll have to search what break-core is, sounds interesting!.

    Lol and that's okay, I see your comments or posts around, I assume its you with the username. I noticed you on a couple youtube comments not to long ago actually!~. Oooh Trendz, I remember them as InterBoys. It's cool to see they have a name now!~, (at least at the time I had instagram that's what it was, lol. I don't have it anymore so I wouldn't know, lol).

    Lol, I'm a big fan of your hobby. I tend to sleep more on the my couch instead of my bed in my apartment lol.

    Only thing I honestly know about up10tion is CandyLand and Kuhn(?). I found his name unique.

    SKZ!!! i love them sm!!

    Spring or Summer!

    Watching Anime

    I honestly dont mind

    Wbu? :)

    Me to!, even as a former pre debut Stay, I will admit I always check in with them, and watch Chan's lives every now and then lol~. It's cool to see so many people connecting and finding them. It makes me so happy.

    Winter or Fall for me. Mostly I love the type of outfits you can wear during these times, and you can get so many pretty photos in fall personally. And going to friends to a cafe just seems nicer, it's not so hot or crowded. 😊✌🏻

    I was just wondering if I was going crazy or other people noticed it as well.

    I understand you though, I like Wonho and some people criticize him of the same stuff etc.

    If you like them and they make you happy I feel like it is perfectly fine to support them, none of the members have come out to say the company forces them to do things that make them feel uncomfortable. So until that happens it's all just speculation online.

    I like WonHo to, I'm a fan of MONSTAX for a decent while. I know he gets criticized for it a lot to. There is nothing wrong with asking about things like this in my opinion.

    I totally agree, no one should come out if they don't want to, I definitely know this. Now that I know I don't have to and with my Mum telling me its fine, its definitely something as an individual you have to learn in life.

    With that said, I do understand why some people would feel uncomfortable though for sure.

    Oooh interesting.

    Honestly it’s kinda hard to vote because it’s like a mixture of things. I’m not really into horror because I get nightmares easily already and don’t need anything like that.

    But, I love watching Garrett Watts x Andrew, or the Ghoul Boys from Watcher (Shane Madej and Ryan).

    I like stuff that is light hearted, I can always seem to count on them to make sure I’m not to scared. Espically when I watch those hour long episodes alone.

    This is definitely a interesting conversation though!.

    For me, I used to have a buying addiction but now my views changed a lot after I talked with my dad about it and we had a sit down, (realizing why I was doing what I was doing, etc).

    So, I put myself on a buying ban or only allow myself to buy on certain occasions.

    As of now, I have:

    1 Colourful Vans.

    1 White Converse.

    1 Yellow Chuck 70 Converse.

    1 Orange Chuck 70 Converse.


    So I guess at this current moment, I have 4.