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    • She wins the injunction, but Hybe removes the other directors as tetetete said, and they try to remove her later down the line

    AFAIK, the injuction is to stop HYBE's from exercising their shareholder's voting right until a set date, so if they lose they can't actually fire the rest of the director's board anymore than MHJ.

    Until the duration of the injuction is over, HYBE shares would be "passive", only granting them dividends and whatever right to observe/be kept informed and so on is inate to shareholding.

    the whole thing with the petitions is interesting to me though bc realistically, do they expect the judge to just ignore potential valid evidence in favor of these character appeals? i know this stuff happens in u.s courts too, people petitioning the judge, but i wonder if they truly think the judge should value their words over evidence


    No, but this is not MHJ's trial.

    This is a hearing on whether the usual order of things (firing/trial for firing without due cause/result) would be prejudiciable to ador as a company and as such if HYBE should wait until MHJ's actual trial has gone through before deciding to fire MHJ.

    In some ways, as far as this hearing is concerned, HYBE is the one on "trial".

    People are already looking for excuses lol

    200k is absolutely solid number even these days, group which sells that much should absolutely be paid and fromis9 has very dedicated fanbase in SK and they do really well on festivals.

    You have to compare what is comparable. 200k for a GG 5 years ago meant you were top 3 GG and could demand to be treated/paid as such. But these days it just means you have sold 200k albums. And pure album sales, once you have taken the cut from producing the physical units and their content, the royalties for lyrics/composing/producing and for the company, don't leave much for the artists unfortunately.

    But they do seem to be booked for fesivals and such, so maybe they are indeed getting screwed over by Pledis.

    It might be about ongoing costs of living or such?

    I'm relatively certain that while the company is the one taking care of paying for accomodations and such (dorms at least), it's not "free". Those costs would be added to a group's tab and their earnings would go to paying off that tab before being being shared amongst members.

    And even then each member might be having an individual tab for food/clothes and so on.

    Pair that with groups possibly also having to pay a share of the costs of production for cb depending on contracts... You end up with a lot of groups who basically pay for themselves (and as such continue to exist/receive comebacks and so on) but not to have a surplus of money they can put in the bank (and thus are never really "paid" as we would understand it).

    Or maybe pledis is just trash.

    edit : while selling more albums these days is great, it's not BIG money for the actual performing artists, how are their touring/festival numbers? If they have success here but are still in the hole, then it's pretty sus.

    Let's talk about new jeans.

    I love those girls.

    You know who I don't love?

    Their haters.

    Fat insecure bitches that they are.

    Now, keep only the bolded lines :

    Let's talk about new jeans.

    Fat insecure bitches that they are.

    Does the second block of lines accuratly represent the first? Because this is what MHJ/her lawyers are claiming HYBE did. Any specific texts are real, but removed from context and patched together to make them say something unintended.

    This part is crazy. She admits to the texts being real and about them but they still like her??? Is MHJ lying or are NJ just as stupid as she said in those texts lmfao. On a real note, they're most likely manipulated by her but it's getting harder to fell sympathy for NJ when they STILL wanna side with her. Just how far did the gaslighting go?

    Do you not notice the first words you quote?

    "After being attacked with edited KakaoTalk messages,"

    Wich is coherent with her lawyers dismissal of those texts as being "taken out of context".

    Not going to wade in general amount of bullshit and bad faith going on, but an article that should adress the concerns some people expressed previously in this thread (including 1st and 2nd thread when saying that) has dropped in Korea. A journalist was able to visit HYBE's headquarter.

    Of note are such : "From the 2nd to the 6th floor, there are music studios for each label, a recording studio, a choreography practice room, a video shooting studio, a vocal practice room, and a styling room. The 7th to 16th floors have office space for general employees. For reasons of trade secrets, coverage of the 2nd to 15th floors was not possible. Security was so thorough that each floor required facial recognition to enter."

    There, Big Hit's 15th floor is the highest floor with increased security, while the 16th floor, where ador resides, is a general office space with a library accessible to anyone.

    ARMY can stop malding over BTS not being considered the top dog artists or whatever now.

    [단독] 시총 11조 회사 클라쓰…BTS 집 '하이브 사옥' 가보니 [윤현주의 主食이 주식]
    백문불여일견(百聞不如一見). 백 번 듣는 것보다 한 번 보는 게 낫다는 말이다. 가짜뉴스 홍수 속 정보의 불균형을 조금이라도 해소하기 위해 주식 투자 경력 16년11개월 ‘전투개미’가 직접 상장사를 찾아간다. 회사의 사업 현황을 살피고 경영진을 만나 개인투자자들의 궁금증을 해결한다.…

    And how about you answer what I ask instead of saying things I already know...did I say MHJ asked for the albums to be pushed???? Read my last line clown.

    I simply asked how come only Aespa is the only one name dropped cause Ive was a bigger competitor so Hybe/Bang should have been focussed on "crushing" them too.

    Might simply be a matter of timing.

    I'm not going to track down everything, but the texts BHS sent MHJ about stepping on aespa were matched with aespa winning some award, apparently. It might be that when BHS talked to MHJ about "album push", Aespa had the more recent comeback comapred to Ive.

    Or maybe BHS just has a hate-boner for SM. edit : Would match with how hybe tried to attract everyone from there, and see them as a bigger competitor, company-wise, while Starship just has Ive.

    Depends on what you mean by "legacy act" but I voted yes for the following reasons :

    - any group activity will have to be planned around their solo schedules

    - and YG debuted a clear successor for those who want typical idol content

    So even if they come back as a group pretty quickly, before it starts to feel like a "reunion tour", they are essentially at that stage of their careers where the group is a 2nd priority.

    what's weird to me is how confident they are in their court case. if everything is as MHJ says and this is a set up we're in for a comeuppance of huge porprotions if they can't prove any of this

    Because they don't need to win the court case to save dozens of billions of won, as long as they can stop MHJ from executing her put options long enough their value will decrease sharply. The payout is so huge right now because the growth starts at "near 0", so ador's first 2yrs saw +500% growth. But the growth from yr2 to yr4 will be proportionaly not as exceptional.

    MHJ would need to take HYBE back to court and prove that the whole current case was a sham (and not just HYBE "sincerely" reading too much into otherwise legitimate shit) to get back what she could have gotten in the first place.

    I don't understand correlation between BHS being obviously salty over NJ success and Hybe investing heavily in them, especially at the beginning.

    Because they didn't : They invested in ador by buying a 100% stake for ~16millions $, wich then decided how they would use that money.

    And before someone comes along saying that's a lot of money for a debut, it's not just money for NJ. It's also supposed to pay to buy the NJ trainees from Source, pay the salaries of the staff, pay for rent in the HYBE building, possibly cover the training of new trainees for the future (ador as supposed to be set up later and start with a boy group i'm pretty sure).

    Furthermore people just don't know or understand how much money shit actually costs in a MV. There was a lot of mediaplay made by YG over the MV costs of Pink venom (more than a millions $) only for everyone to end up disappoited because it looked bad. Turns out building sets and renting complicated camera rigs for difficult shots costs a lot of money, while you can make much cheaper but still nice MV by filming in already existing location.

    My point is that the numerous MV of NJ ddidn't cost as much as people tend to believe. Hurt was MHJ going around filming the members and it took maybe a day to edit. Cookie is a dance performance in a box with some filters/easy post-prod slapped on it, again pretty cheap. Hype Boy got 4 MV + a dance perf, but at the end of the day they just stretched material that others would have used to make a single MV. And Attention, again, didn't require ador to create sets (and all the costs attached to it).

    They also saved money by not doing much pre-debut promotion. People like to compare Nj's debut MVs with Le Sserafim's debut, but fail to consider that Le Sserafim had that whole debut documentary in the wing and that does, in fact, cost money to produce :

    - an overall director for the doc

    - cameras to film + light/sound engineers to record (you can skip the sound guys for MVs because you are slapping the studio sound over it anyway)

    - editors (I have not watched it all, but it was several 20min+ episodes right? Around 2 hours of watchtime total?). They actually end up with more material/work to go through than for MV I would bet.

    - then promoting THAT

    - You can pretty much liken it to BP's "Light up the sky" overall, it's going to cost money to produce

    People are seeing the reaction Nj's debut achieved compared to others and extrapolate from it that their budget/ressources allocated were out of this world, but the reality is just that the budgets were probably not too dissimilar and that its just that the choices made on where to spend money paid off better.

    But those two statements don't exactly align with each other. March 16 was before Illit debuted and before NewJeans parents started to raise the plagirazing complaints. So what exactly is the Ador dispute they were talking about on March 16?

    Illit had content before March 16th. The album packaging was known, they had photoshoots, fashion week appearance and even a brand endorsement deal, some of wich was specifically mentioned by MHJ as being part of tracing the work she did for NJ.

    Here is a google search for Illit before March 16th.

    And here is an AKP article about how people are seeing NJ in Illit dating March 1st.