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    Surprisingly bts have never had a legitimate dating reveal despite being an eight year old group and being the biggest group in Kpop history, and as a result a prime target for news agencies and gossip sites. I don't think a top group has ever gone this long without at least one member being revealed to be dating. I personally have nothing against idols dating but I know that's not the case with every fan and while I'm glad they haven't had to deal with the mess that's a dating scandal I think the lack of members dating publicly for so long only allows more fans to be delusional about their chances of dating them. After a couple years dating reveals can be a good thing because it gets rids of most delulus and allows fans to mature with the artist.

    So my question is how long do you think this can last? Do you think we'll end 2021 without a bts dating scandal and as a bonus who do you think will be the first to be revealed?

    I predict a dating scandal this year and I think it'll be a hyung line member like Jin or J-hope first

    I just don’t think it’s that deep. If idols feel uncomfortable with shipping, then they can speak out on it like Taehyung did with Taekook.

    It’s good that you care about other people and respecting their boundaries but there’s no need to act like you’re better than other fans because of it.

    you mean how he spoke up and it did nothing to stop or deter taekook shippers at all and instead they twisted his meaning and made up conspiracy theories about his agency forcing him? Idols do not have a choice to just speak up if it makes them uncomfortable and fans take it at face value and stop. Taekook still trends on twitter constantly and taekook shippers still exist on reverse which is a social media app that Taehyung frequents.

    Shipping is never gonna stop because a lot of the people who ship idols together 100% believe that these people are together. It's not acting like you're better than anybody to acknowledge and watching you try to gaslight that user into feeling bad for saying what is the most commonly held view of people who ship real life people is gross.


    younger idols are constantly sexualized by both their companies and their fans for example Hyuna, Wonyoung, Tzuyu and Jungkook.

    A lot of idols who debut younger seem to lack life skills outside of being an idol and are super dependent on the idol system that basically gives you a surrogate parent that does most things for you(a manager and to some extent a company) even into your adult years.

    The idol industry encourages unrealistic and dangerous beauty standards that people that young should not be held to.

    And idols are often overworked so if young kids are gonna be in the industry their should be precautions in place to ensure they are given times to rest such as those curfews for broadcasting that I've heard about but they would be extended to all work activity and not just filming on television.

    Why does every kpop group (girl or boy) has to have a rapper? And why does almost every song has to have rap part?
    Somethimes their style doesn't go with the hip-hop/rap style and it feels so forced and out of place. I think it would be better if some groups have people, that can rap a part if the song has rapping, but also can sing, at least sufficent to cover some easier parts when the song doesn't require rapping. Some songs are so good but then destroyed with rap parts, that they don't need.

    Disclaimer: i do respect rappers and groups that are very rap or hip-hop based and centered or the gorup evolves around their rappers production(like Stray Kids, Ateez, BTS, G-idle,...). I just don't think every group should have a rapper or forced rap parts, if their songs are more vocal based.

    this! sometimes a designated rapper or a rap part in general just isn't necessary

    But Jimin has been the highest ranking male idol on Gallup for years, no? I would say he has the edge over V but all of them are super popular in Korea.

    I wanted the list to be accurate to now and there wasn't a Gallup poll for individual celebrities for 2020 so I used other statistics I saw. Jimin being first wouldn't be surprising but I wanted to do it based on data.

    I actually thought people would pick Lisa when I made it. I have seen a lot of people say that she has the biggest potential to be a worldwide celebrity which I agree with but most fans only predict for Jungkook to be the IT boy in Korea. I definitely could've worded the post better but I didn't want to sound biased so I just went for simple examples which lead to it being comparison based.

    I don't think your intentions were bad, I just think that when it comes to armys and blinks in any thread that invites debate, conflict is unavoidable. I didn't bother to do an evaluation for Lisa's solo potential despite having nothing against her(liking her even) because as an army I knew it would come off as biased and just invite an argument.

    So I've seen this being debated for years now and in my opinion the ranking has also changed throughout the years so I wanted to give my opinion on how bts popularity ranks globally as well as in Korea as we kick off 2021. This is based on all the end of year date that came out at the end of 2021. Feel free to disagree respectfully. If you're a Stan just coming to be offended then please don't interact.


    1. Jungkook


    3. Jimin


    1. Taehyung


    3. Jimin







    2. jimin and Taehyung

    When I say Asia I mainly mean Japan, China and Korea where I think Taehyung ranks first

    Jungkook is first overall based on pretty much every global chart I've seen

    Jimin is a solid third but is still leagues away in terms of popularity for anyone that comes after these three. I know a lot of people put Jimin at number 1 in Korea and I do think him and V are close there but I think Taehyung slightly edged him out in popularity there in 2020.

    Though it's not the purpose of the thread I'd place Suga in 4th, Jin 5th, J-hope 6th and Rm 7th.

    Jungkook has extremely good English pronunciation and has taken the initiative to sing in English quite often in covers and the like.. He's also the biggest Kpop artist globally at the moment and definitely the biggest in the West by every metric without any kind of solo promotion and very little social media use. I don't think Jungkook will pursue a solo career in the West, at least not yet, but if he ever does I think he could be extremely successful with proper label backing. A manager like Scooter Braun(though I hate his guts) would take him far along with armys and his solo stans. Jungkook would have to have an at least basic knowledge of the English language which can be learnt but for the most part the general public won't care how good his English is in conversation as long as it's good on songs which he's shown he's capable of.

    You're also right about his image fitting Western taste. The tattoos, piercings, dark clothing and his general looks fall into the category of poc that the west begrudgingly accept as good-looking.

    I really wish this thread had been more about discussing solo potential instead of a comparison thread. The most likely answer is obvious barring outside circumstances like a song going viral or a massive western feature ect. It just invited people to tear Lisa down.

    explicit or sexual fan art is disgusting imo. It's fine to draw and take inspiration from your faves but when you sexualize them beyond what they've shown on stage or whatever, especially with shipping then it crosses a line. Fanfics of real people aren't great either but idols are less likely to come across fanfics or accidentally read them than they are to view inappropriate pictures.