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    The Seven TikTok threads weren’t loading since there are too many embedded videos, so I’m just gonna share it here that the Clean Version’s already reached 1M reels on IG.

    The Seven (Band Remix) sound also rose by a few thousands during the few days when Clean & Explicit audios were removed from IG & FB reels due to a glitch, and is still continuing to grow with 34K reels now.

    He looks really good!

    This album seems to have a very defining sound that’s so true to his image and taste.

    I agree with byakuyav the person he’s singing to/about in question won’t appear because it’s gonna be purely from his POV.

    I know exactly what BlackpinkHouse said, because I've already read the entire thread. I was not responding to the entire thread, I was responding to the (too thinly-veiled) original intent of the thread, and it doesn't hurt to reiterate the point. ;-)

    How exhausting it must be to find sinister motives behind everything the “enemy” does.

    Let ARMYs toot their own horn and let other fandoms do the same for their own communities too. There is no doubt what ARMYs have unintentionally done for the growth of Kpop and changes in K-pop fan culture as OP said. You denying that won’t make it any less true. We’ve heard a lot of things that the 2nd Gen have done to pave the way for BTS and others too all these years with every accolade they achieved and every boundary they broke, and you never had an issue with that? :whatr:

    This thread proves too that a lot of things practiced in OP’s own fandom were adopted from other fandoms without us realizing it. Are we going to turn this discussion into yet another mud-slinging contest?

    Don't be fooled by the thinly-veiled smugness, this thread is just BTS fans doing what they always do, being patronizing, showering themselves with praise and giving themselves & their faves all the credit for anything achieved by the entire Kpop industry as whole, which is awfully funny considering they simultaneously insist that BTS aren't even Kpop, that they've somehow outgrown that label, and that the rest of us are just mere "kpoppies" as they like to say. ^^

    The bottom line is that BTS have achieved what they've achieved on their own behalf, no one else's, and other groups have done the same. No one "paved the way" for anyone else. These groups all have themselves, their labels & their own fans to thank for their respective fame and no one else, other fandoms the least of which.

    This forum is really a perfect microcosm of the wider Kpop fandom, and the fact that everyone is at each other's throats every single day instead of doing anything to build each other up should've told you everything you need to know.

    BlackpinkHouse has already covered what you wanted to say on the first page and none of us here claimed that ARMYs started these trends with the intention of spreading Kpop other than BTS. It was a happy accident but it undoubtedly became part of the K-pop culture we see today nonetheless.

    Maybe read the rest of the thread to see what other fandoms like EXO-Ls, Shawols, Blinks and Orbits contributed to Hallyu fan culture before jumping the gun, yeah?

    A lot of what they said was pretty insightful.

    Truly. So much history is being rewritten thanks to deluded Jimin solo stans and their doctored “screenshots” of his “YouTube ads” that even Blinks stole because they couldn’t be half-arsed enough to make up their own evidence.

    Seven never got half the radio impressions Dynamite or Butter did, nor the same TTH playlist placements or cover despite staying on top of Spotify global for a whole month, nor the global Samsung TV ad that was playing in every household around the world back in 2020. It’s a summer pop song that was always going to do well due to this no-brainer knowledge everyone is aware of but pretending not to:

    1) More than half the fandom being pop-biased post-Dynamite.

    2) The song genre being GP-friendly, hence why these numbers aren’t just coming from the fandom.

    3) The combination between Jungkook’s own popularity (we have these bloody conversations every year and social media/national immigration survey metrics have always shown him to be at the top with Taehyung :eyeroll-pepe:) garnering hype from both ARMYs and K-Pop fans, hence increasing the hype before its release AND the song actually meeting those sugary pop genre-stans’ expectations afterwards. It’s why you saw the Clean version ALONE debuting with around 75K videos on TikTok on its first day when this fandom had to previously always BEG their TikTok counterparts to promote other BTS releases on that platform in the first place to no avail.

    I’ve seen actual YouTube ads and Top 3 playlist placements for songs like Billie Eilish’s Barbie OST and constant TikTok ads for Troye Sivan’s new single, yet I’ve never felt compelled to listen to them. And with all those marketing efforts, they still couldn’t dethrone Seven from its top spot. :wellr:

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    I thought the monthly listeners gains were petering out at this point since it was increasing by less than 30K these last few days but whuttt

    Now I wonder how much more he can rise. Do you think he can reach 50-50’s peak?

    We don't talk about that. Waiting for Tae to enlist to be rid of all the association soon. But just the thought of Jungkook dating will crush so many delusional souls and I'm here for it. I'm tired of seeing Jungkook used as a trophy wife but quickly thrown away when he poses a threat to their main bias in any way. Seven's success has revealed so much. Just FREE JUNGKOOK from everyone but his beautiful partner :pepelove1:

    Hear, hear! Free him from Taekookers and especially Jikookers who would throw him under the bus at the drop of a hat the moment he so much as shines on his own or stops being their bias’ cheerleader for a mere second.