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    And Seven doesn’t have as much “mass downloading”. Its weekly global charting is carried by streams and views instead of sales. :pepecute:

    A lot of Western songs chart high on Spotify and Apple Music Global thanks to being hard carried by the US and a few other Western countries while not making much of a dent (sometimes not even charting at all) in Asia or the East. Yet we call those “real GLOBAL GP hits”, not “just Western hits”.

    Why is it that when a song does extremely well and is trending all over Asia/East, it stops becoming a “global hit”? ;judgingpepe:

    I never said its fandom alone but quite a big chunk but we will never know ;p

    Anyways Said what I wanted to say wont comment more on it.

    You were the one siding with Olivia back then when she was up against Butter because Olivia’s song was a ‘real hit’ because she had the streams while Butter had more sales. But one other factor is she had much larger industry support via radio while BTS constantly faced pushback from them.

    Why is this narrative suddenly changing to “it’s a streaming hit, a fandom driven hit” while ignoring that other top western artists are mainly getting their chart points from radio spins?

    I thought the narrative the past few years has always been that fandom driven hits are carried by sales while GP driven hits are carried by streams, especially if we’re looking at its streaming numbers after two weeks. It’s been two months. Fandom alone cannot sustain streams that high for that long. They almost always peter out after the release week after mass streaming burnout.

    And it is still charting on official charts too.

    Would disagree on Cupid based on sheer numbers but that is deviating from the topic at hand and can be discussed elsewhere.

    Cupid may not outstream Gangnam Style or BTS’ biggest hits based on numbers alone but its impact of literally playing on ALL social media platforms and in real life is also very real. The way Jungkook’s monthly listeners shot up to surpass BTS’ (even for only a few days), Cupid did the same for Fifty Fifty, the only non-BTS act to even come close to BTS’ monthly listener peak. That shouldn’t be overlooked.

    I don’t like seeing BTS and their members’ success being downplayed, hence why I’m not going to do the same to Fifty Fifty who really scored themselves one of K-pop’s most viral global hits ever.

    The idiocy to say its only doing well in Asia when its charting in 71 of 72 countries in the world that have spotify charts, for 8 effin weeks now, the only song doing so on Global spotify and if that is not enough, its literally cementing its place as one of the biggest global hits of this decade with how its charting for 6 consecutive weeks on BB global charts with massive streams across platforms!!!

    Its just evident that some people live in a state of denial and refuse to accept the reality of a BTS member's song being a gp hit globally, bigger than all Kpop artists songs bar Dynamite, Butter and Gangnam Style.

    You should add Cupid to that list too (that song was also everywhere) but yeah, I agree.

    The reason its even 5 on global apple music is cause another country artist in US album bombed, else its beem stable in top 3...I think forgotten knows nothing about records 7 has broken globally on every platform, right up to its 8th week, hence talking like this and looking foolish in the process!!!

    Even Doja Cat’s only charting in 50+ countries and a huge chunk of her streams (like many other US artists) are hard carried by the US. But sure, she’s the true “global” queen while Jungkook/BTS could chart all around the world and STILL be discredited.

    Y’all been saying that BTS’ #1’s are illegitimate and fan driven because they’re hard carried by sales while other artists’ hits are “real” and “organic” despite most of their points coming from radio spins but we now have a song whose weekly #1’s are hard carried by streams and views while its sales (fandom’s main strength) are lagging behind and it’s STILL not a GP hit?

    If we were this powerful, we would’ve done this for every BTS song and every member’s solo releases.

    I’m confused.

    While Melon Weekly is a Korean chart, the other metrics paradis mentioned ARE global though. Seven’s #1 on Spotify Global, #5 on Apple Music Global (peaked at #2 like Dynamite and Butter), #1 on Billboard Global 200 and Global 200 Exc US, #3 YouTube Music Global, trending on global platforms like TikTok and IG Reels.

    Even on Spotify, it’s charting in 71 out of 72 countries.

    Where did she say these numbers are only coming from Korea? :pepe-magnify:

    I myself have heard the song playing in public spaces and people irl singing it without even bringing it up myself…

    My opinion?

    Yes, it would’ve. Lower ULs on Melon across the board rather signifies a declining user base on Melon (which we know has been steadily happening for the past few years due to it losing its marketshare to YT and other platforms) instead of an ‘empty house’.

    When Melon used to be the top streaming platform and hit songs would gather 800K to 1ML ULs, BTS’ song, Boy With Luv achieved 950K+ ULs unlike their previous title tracks. That was a sign that their new release (post global breakout/Billboard 200 #1) had finally hit the GP.

    Now that top GP-driven songs on Melon are doing 300K to 400K ULs, Seven being the ONLY BTS solo release and the only BTS-related release this year to actually cross that margin does show that it has reached beyond the fandom. You only need to look at its performance on other k-charts including YouTube Korea (returned to #1) and the way it’s still trending on multiple social media platforms for more than a month to know that.

    The way you’re asking this question implies that all those ‘measly’ 300K ULs for Seven are just K-ARMYs…who happened to not show up the same way for other BTS members’ solos or even their OT7 song this year…

    "Long and interesting journey".

    I mean flip it around - your boy has just made number 1 and is number 1 globally, why are you guys still so sensitive to perceived slights in some random kpop forum. Person was 100% factually in saying that low UL's are occurring right now. Are some truths simply taboo because he should "read the room" that someone whose fans are topping the charts worldwide are still sensitive to the slightest context around the charts at the moment? Is that we're at - any 100% true observation is going to make someone persona non grata until the kpop fandom in question deign us worthy of talking once more.

    Same bullshit last year when you try to discuss the interesting charting mechanisms of Blackpink and every Blackpink fan spend endless pages having a cry. You're stanning one of the most successful groups in Kpop - get out of the way of yourself and enjoy it. Let people talk about how the charts are faring at the moment.

    “Someone whose fans are topping charts around the world”

    Part of that perceived slight, I guess, is also because topping Melon during a period with “low ULs” has always been used as a drag to undermine the success or impact of a song, similar to “only #1 due to an empty house” and “ULs were low so K-fans were able to give them a #1” when they haven’t been able to give other members of the same group or even the latest OT7 song the same success.

    It can be perceived as a way to claim that Seven, being a song by a boy group member, is finally topping the charts due to pure fan support (a long held claim used to discredit BTS’ actual hits) and not because it also has attention from the GP…which it clearly does judging by the way it’s excelling across the board and trending on both TikTok and IG.

    finally Winter bear :teddy-pepe:

    too bad 4 o'clock is not there, 4 o'clock is my fav amongs all Tae soundcloud release..

    but I guess she has the same faith with Ddaeng :pepe-just-smile:

    I agree with this. I had a Korean classmate who texted me about liking 4 O Clock because she heard it as bgm on a variety show .

    But still happy that all his other SoundCloud tracks are now officially on major streaming platforms.

    Jimin went on the show before, its a yt show

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    Oh this one 💡 Cool, it should be fun!