Rating Blackpink entire discography

  • I have already rate their discography when I did my top 10 girl groups discographies thread but I listened to all of theirs songs again.

    My top 3 is :

    1. You never know

    2. AIIWYL

    3. Whistle

    Whistle 10

    Boombayah 9,5

    Playing with Fire 10

    Stay 8

    As If I Was Your Last 10

    Ddu Du Ddu Du 10

    Forever Young 8,5

    Really 9

    See U Later 9,5

    Kill this love 9,5

    Don’t know what to do 8,5

    Kick it 9,5

    Hope not 9

    How you like that 9

    Ice cream 8

    Pretty Savage 7,5

    Bet you wanna 6,5

    Lovesick Girls 7,5

    Crazy over you 8

    Love to hate me 9

    You never know 10

  • These sound honest so i am glad that there are some you do not like but like most

  • its not a bad song, i just have strong dislike for it, maybe because i dont like whistling in songs to start with lol

    i have a problematic love with Swimming Fool too bcs of it lmao

    Just like I have strong dislike for Cardi rap in Bet you wanna. Not in general but in Bet you wanna. Question of taste.

  • My rating :

    'Whistle 10

    Boombayah 8

    Playing with fire 6 ( i understand why people really like it , but itsn't for me honestly )

    As If I Was Your Last 10

    Ddu Du Ddu Du 6 ( i really like the ending and the rapping parts , the pre chorus is mediocre and i really dont like that chorus )

    Forever Young 9

    Really 9

    See U Later 7.5

    Kill this love 9.5 ( the pre chorus is one of my favorite pre choruses , its just so good to hear )

    Don’t know what to do 9.5

    Kick it 9

    Hope not 9.5

    How you like that 8

    Ice cream 7.5

    Pretty Savage 9

    Bet you wanna 7

    Lovesick Girls 10

    Crazy over you 9.5

    Love to hate me 9.5

    You never know 10

  • My top 3:

    1. As If It's Your Last

    2. Lovesick Girls

    3. You Never Know


    Boombayah: 8.5

    Whistle: 10

    PWF: 8

    Stay: 7.5

    AIIYL: 10

    DX4: 8

    Solo: 7

    KTL: 9

    HYLT: 8

    Ice Cream: 6.5

    LSG: 10


    Forever Young: 9

    DKWTD: 10

    Kick It: 8.5

    See U Later: 8

    Sour Candy: 9

    Kiss and Make Up: 8

    Crazy Over You: 8

    Bet U Wanna: 7

    You Never Know: 10

    Pretty Savage: 9.7

    Love To Hate Me: 8

    Really: 7.5

    Hope Not: 9

    ✨💦 A spell is cast upon me, I can stay up all night without feeling sleepy ✨💦

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  • It's too hard to rank them from 1-24, so i just group them into tiers.






    You Never Know



    Pretty Savage

    Lovesick Girls


    Forever Young


    Hope Not

    Ice Cream

    Kick It





    Crazy Over You

    Bet You Wanna

    See U Later


    Sour Candy




  • Lovesick Girls : 10/10. This song might or might not have been on repeat these last few weeks. This is everything I wanted and hoped from the Pinks, and god knows I'm not the kind to love title tracks usually, haha.

    Playing with Fire : 10/10. Might be biased, because I found out about BlackPink ( and... about kpop in general, LOL ) with this song, but it has been my favorite song until LSG. This song has EVERYTHING.

    Hope Not : 10/10. This song is so pretty and soft and emotional AND doesn't have any EDM. Their prettier MV, and probably their most underrated song. Anyway, I'm a sucker for ballads from BlackPink, and I hope Rose's solo album will have some ballads, this is what I deserve.

    You never know : 10/10. Did I say that I really loved ballads.

    As If I Was your last : 9.5/10. OG Blackpink is so nostalgic to me, I love this song so much. Also Lisa's skirt in the MV ? A cultural reset.

    Kill This Love 9.5/10 : Love, love, love this song. Rose's part is *chef's kiss*

    Boombayah : 9.5/10 ICONIC. But I might have heard it once or a hundred times too many.

    Du4 : 9.5/10. ICONIC ( bis )

    Don't know what to do : 9/10. This song is so pretty and soft and emotional, and I will fight anyone who disgrees. I'm taking off a point for the EDM, though.

    Love To Hate Me : 8.5/10 : Yes, yes, this is my favorite B-side from The Album !

    Whiste : 8/10. So much attitude, I love this song a lot. My only nit-picking is that the 'vocal' parts sounds very... disconnected from the rest. It still low-key works, and maybe this is also what sets this song appart, but still, a bit jarring.

    See U Later : 8/10 : My favorite song from this era !

    Crazy Over You : 8/10. This track doesn't get enough love. The Instrumental/production is *chef's kiss*

    Kick It : 7.5/10. Really love the chorus. Also I think I have never watched the MV until now, lol.

    Pretty Savage : 7/10. Lol, everyone favorite's B side. It's not mine, but I understand why it's so popular tbh.

    How You Like That : 7/10. It's a good song, but I liked Kill This Love a lot more. That said, I'm glad this song blew up as it did, it's completely deserved.

    Forever Young : 6.5/10. I don't necessarily vibe with this song as much as others. Still a very good song, but it doesn't feel like it knows what it's trying to be. Still, Blackpink is the revolution, bitches.

    Really : 6.5/10. It's not bad at all, but it might one of these songs where I don't immediately think 'This is Blackpink !'

    Ice Cream : 6/10. Some critics that I follow put this song on their 'worst songs of the year' list, which I find a bit unfair. It's not a great song. It's not a disaster either. It's cute, it's fun. It's a bit cheesy and cringy, but I can listen to it easily.

    Bet You Wanna : 4.5. Yeaaah, I don't really listen to this song. Not the girls' fault, but Cardi really gives me some whiplash. That's mean but I wish her part has been done by Lisa or Jennie instead, sorry.

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