Rating Blackpink entire discography

  • I have already rate their discography when I did my top 10 girl groups discographies thread but I listened to all of theirs songs again.

    My top 3 is :

    1. You never know

    2. AIIWYL

    3. Whistle

    Whistle 10

    Boombayah 9,5

    Playing with Fire 10

    Stay 8

    As If I Was Your Last 10

    Ddu Du Ddu Du 10

    Forever Young 8,5

    Really 9

    See U Later 9,5

    Kill this love 9,5

    Don’t know what to do 8,5

    Kick it 9,5

    Hope not 9

    How you like that 9

    Ice cream 8

    Pretty Savage 7,5

    Bet you wanna 6,5

    Lovesick Girls 7,5

    Crazy over you 8

    Love to hate me 9

    You never know 10

  • These sound honest so i am glad that there are some you do not like but like most

  • its not a bad song, i just have strong dislike for it, maybe because i dont like whistling in songs to start with lol

    i have a problematic love with Swimming Fool too bcs of it lmao

    Just like I have strong dislike for Cardi rap in Bet you wanna. Not in general but in Bet you wanna. Question of taste.

  • Just like I have strong dislike for Cardi rap in Bet you wanna. Not in general but in Bet you wanna. Question of taste.

    yeah sometimes something just irks you its not because song is bad, its because there is an element you cannot like rip

  • My rating :

    'Whistle 10

    Boombayah 8

    Playing with fire 6 ( i understand why people really like it , but itsn't for me honestly )

    As If I Was Your Last 10

    Ddu Du Ddu Du 6 ( i really like the ending and the rapping parts , the pre chorus is mediocre and i really dont like that chorus )

    Forever Young 9

    Really 9

    See U Later 7.5

    Kill this love 9.5 ( the pre chorus is one of my favorite pre choruses , its just so good to hear )

    Don’t know what to do 9.5

    Kick it 9

    Hope not 9.5

    How you like that 8

    Ice cream 7.5

    Pretty Savage 9

    Bet you wanna 7

    Lovesick Girls 10

    Crazy over you 9.5

    Love to hate me 9.5

    You never know 10

  • My top 3:

    1. As If It's Your Last

    2. Lovesick Girls

    3. You Never Know


    Boombayah: 8.5

    Whistle: 10

    PWF: 8

    Stay: 7.5

    AIIYL: 10

    DX4: 8

    Solo: 7

    KTL: 9

    HYLT: 8

    Ice Cream: 6.5

    LSG: 10


    Forever Young: 9

    DKWTD: 10

    Kick It: 8.5

    See U Later: 8

    Sour Candy: 9

    Kiss and Make Up: 8

    Crazy Over You: 8

    Bet U Wanna: 7

    You Never Know: 10

    Pretty Savage: 9.7

    Love To Hate Me: 8

    Really: 7.5

    Hope Not: 9

  • Lovesick Girls : 10/10. This song might or might not have been on repeat these last few weeks. This is everything I wanted and hoped from the Pinks, and god knows I'm not the kind to love title tracks usually, haha.

    Playing with Fire : 10/10. Might be biased, because I found out about BlackPink ( and... about kpop in general, LOL ) with this song, but it has been my favorite song until LSG. This song has EVERYTHING.

    Hope Not : 10/10. This song is so pretty and soft and emotional AND doesn't have any EDM. Their prettier MV, and probably their most underrated song. Anyway, I'm a sucker for ballads from BlackPink, and I hope Rose's solo album will have some ballads, this is what I deserve.

    You never know : 10/10. Did I say that I really loved ballads.

    As If I Was your last : 9.5/10. OG Blackpink is so nostalgic to me, I love this song so much. Also Lisa's skirt in the MV ? A cultural reset.

    Kill This Love 9.5/10 : Love, love, love this song. Rose's part is *chef's kiss*

    Boombayah : 9.5/10 ICONIC. But I might have heard it once or a hundred times too many.

    Du4 : 9.5/10. ICONIC ( bis )

    Don't know what to do : 9/10. This song is so pretty and soft and emotional, and I will fight anyone who disgrees. I'm taking off a point for the EDM, though.

    Love To Hate Me : 8.5/10 : Yes, yes, this is my favorite B-side from The Album !

    Whiste : 8/10. So much attitude, I love this song a lot. My only nit-picking is that the 'vocal' parts sounds very... disconnected from the rest. It still low-key works, and maybe this is also what sets this song appart, but still, a bit jarring.

    See U Later : 8/10 : My favorite song from this era !

    Crazy Over You : 8/10. This track doesn't get enough love. The Instrumental/production is *chef's kiss*

    Kick It : 7.5/10. Really love the chorus. Also I think I have never watched the MV until now, lol.

    Pretty Savage : 7/10. Lol, everyone favorite's B side. It's not mine, but I understand why it's so popular tbh.

    How You Like That : 7/10. It's a good song, but I liked Kill This Love a lot more. That said, I'm glad this song blew up as it did, it's completely deserved.

    Forever Young : 6.5/10. I don't necessarily vibe with this song as much as others. Still a very good song, but it doesn't feel like it knows what it's trying to be. Still, Blackpink is the revolution, bitches.

    Really : 6.5/10. It's not bad at all, but it might one of these songs where I don't immediately think 'This is Blackpink !'

    Ice Cream : 6/10. Some critics that I follow put this song on their 'worst songs of the year' list, which I find a bit unfair. It's not a great song. It's not a disaster either. It's cute, it's fun. It's a bit cheesy and cringy, but I can listen to it easily.

    Bet You Wanna : 4.5. Yeaaah, I don't really listen to this song. Not the girls' fault, but Cardi really gives me some whiplash. That's mean but I wish her part has been done by Lisa or Jennie instead, sorry.

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