answering ANON questions on my main

  • i'm so fucking brave.

    not here to have arguments idc.

    let's begin.

    1. thoughts on users that block anyone they disagree with?

    - depends on your definition of disagree. for the most part they're childish but that's just me. (if they're harassing that's a diff story)

    2. do you think aespa will sing about their lore for the rest of their career?

    - no. however i do think they will incorporate it into their songs occasionally. right now their music is lore-based because they're establishing themselves

    (and that's ok!)

    3. Do you think Karina or SM lied about her height?

    - who cares? (other than intense antis or sasaengs?)

    4. If I proposed to you right now, would you say yes?

    - I'm married to Ethan Winters from the Resident Evil series.

    5. blandest discographies in kpop?

    - some boy groups other than BTS and EXO seem to struggle with this issue, it all sounds the same.

    6. If you could look like any idol who would you pick?

    - not sure why this is in anon. either Bibi or Joy.

    7. Do you think itzy can surpass aespa?

    - hard to say as someone who stans both. but i'm gonna go with a BIG maybe. aespa is SM and they are well-rounded + Next Level's chokehold, so it'll be difficult to surpass that

    8. Are you currently happy and satisfied with your life?

    - sometimes

    9. will aespa perform in coachella?

    - i can dream but something tells me probably not. they don't have the coachella-esque image?

    10. Photobook and pc vs jewel case album

    - as a collector, photobook. i don't know who told SM jewel case was a good idea

    11. why are users obsessed with dragging treasure and ehyphen?

    - probably bc both aren't that relatively well known. i personally don't like enhyphen's music and i haven't heard treasure's.

    12. Why's there no account deletion option??

    - mods want us all to be in misery together muahahaha

    13. What do you think of 'ACAB'?

    - i think that discussion doesn't belong on a kpop forum. people will agree with it until they are in grave danger and then suddenly they're calling 911

    14. why are treasure fans insecure of other 4th gen bgs?

    - i haven't witnessed this but if it is an actual thing then i would guess it's bc YG sucks ass and he screws over his artists in more ways than one. or the fact the no one has lived up to BTS so far

    15. funniest users?

    - me, bitch

    16. So txt online concert flopped?

    - there was a txt online concert?

    17. Be completely honest, are you threatened by any group?

    - Hello! Vi here! This is a personal message from me!: if you have ever genuinely felt threatened by a musical group, please check yourself into the nearest facility

    18. How did jype let itzy get overshadowed by aespa thus badly?

    - you act like he had a choice...if he had a choice they wouldn't have been overshadowed....

    19. does aespa have a main dancer?

    - yes and her name is Karina

    20. What's stopping hybe from not giving BTS solo gigs (i think they meant what's stopping hybe from giving them solo gigs)

    - dumbassery that's what. where's my namjoon solo or my taehyung mixtape!

    21. The worst encores you've seen?

    - idk if it was an encore but i'm a once and i will not link it even though it was atrocious (and don't come lecture me on technique, i've been singing since i was a kid)

    22. what would you do if all your anon posts were exposed?

    - nothing bc i have none

    23. do you think blackpink can still surpass aespa digitally?

    - idk depends on if yg ever lets the poor girls come back for fucks sake

    24. why do treasure and enhyphen fans only exist in anon?

    - well judging by question 11 it's probably to defend their faves!

    25. Have TXT out done BTS this year?

    - no?

    26. what do you do with users shading your faves?

    - if they're lying i correct them, if they're just being dumb i ignore them

    27. why do so many male groups and idols have the NCT album phenomenon?

    - i don't mean this in a harsh way but i have no idea what that is but as long as it doesn't touch EXO or BTS idc

    28. Who is the most overhyped main dancer in kpop?

    - momo but only bc i prefer jihyo

    29. which company has the biggest talent gap between its groups?

    - HYBE

    30. how would you react if a BTS member was given a solo gig?

    - if it's a solo song or album i'm crying and screaming and clutching the floor and throwing up out of happiness

    31. Underhyped visuals?

    - NingNing of aespa or anyone from STAYC

    32. Not today or Yestoday?

    - Not Today

    33. Which users are the most savage?

    - i know i am for making this thread

    34. why is everyone so bitter in anon

    - it's anon what else do you expect

  • i missed u! i'm doing kinda ok! having trouble shifting lately and it's throwing me off. hbu?

    aww missed you too <33

    that's okay lol. ive been pretty stressed this week. nothing too bad but i just need someone to make me forget all of my problems for a bit.

    oh really? how come?

  • i'm not sure! and if you ever need to vent, my dm's are open! seriously!

    def take you up on that offer one of these days haha

    what's up with things in your life tho? aside from the shifting :(

    i saw your thread about your sister a few days ago. i wanted to tell you that you're achievements are pretty remarkable given your situation growing up. if you were my sister i would be so proud of you. like literally you're bragging material. <3

    you shouldn't worry about her too much, you're great and admirable in your own way.

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