why do kpop stans still care about what girlies on pann have to say?

  • i mention pann in the title because they're the most known korean forum out of all of them internationally but this applies to any of them really.

    caring about many of their opinions is like caring about the opinions of users on stan twitter. alot of it is just bashing, making weird accusations, etc.

    it's also a known fact that these translation sites pick and choose negative comments to translate for controversy and clicks.

    it's even weirder when some stans start to generalize and bash an entire race just because one or two comments on a random korean forum happened to dislike your fave.

    why do kpop stans continue to give these translation sites and random forums the time of day?so many kpop fans treat knetz' words like the holy bible ?(

    "next time it won't be wanda who comes for her, it'll be the scarlet witch."


  • I think it's too so with idols being Korean it's very hard to know what's it's like there unless you live there, understand the language or like most fans have access to translations. However the problem is most articles and comments about idols are from pann and well it's basically what you expect of a gathering of kpop fans lol.

    Netizenbuzz popularized this way of translating but also unfortunately directly popularized the spread of negative articles about idols. This became kpop fans crack. So though the years kpop fans basically craved the opinions of pann girls to reinforce their thoughts: positive articles to feel like their faves are the best and negative articles to shit on others.

  • pann is fun to read sometimes and it's nice to see their perspective on stuff but comment sections are awfully toxic, full of racist comments against Koreans, acting superior, some people contradict themselves according to what they believe is right. Kpop fans have this weird thing where if knetz share the same opinion, they'll use it to their advantage being like well see even those living in the country agree but if they don't, their attitude immediately changes under the facade of being "more positive" than them

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