Do you think StayC can be the Sistar/Mamamoo of their generation?

  • When I say Sistar/Mamamoo of their generation, I meant like being the top few groups of their respective generation, despite coming from a nugu company.

    • Sistar was Starship's first GG, before that they only had K Will who was a solo artist. Sistar's immense success was what made Starship. After that Starship had many groups after which are pretty successful one way or another, namely MONSTA X/WJSN/Cravity, and possibly their next GG as well
    • Mamamoo was RBW's first GG, and they grew to be the company we know now that have ONEUS/ONEWE/Purple Kiss, and also recently acquired WM that houses Oh My Girl/ONF/B1A4
    • StayC is from High Up Ent. Yes it is started by BEP who is a really established producer, but this is his first own group

    • Both groups didn't really had a huge start like groups from Big 3. For example, Sistar debut in the same year as miss A, and were also up against groups like 2NE1/f(x)/4Minute who debuted a year earlier than them.
    • Mamamoo debuted in the same year as Red Velvet, and were also competing with Twice and BlackPink after.
    • StayC is now competing with ITZY/aespa/(G)I-DLE, possibly YGNGG and StarshipNGG soon after

    • Sistar and Mamamoo had huge breakout hits. Sistar's first breakout hit was "So Cool" which was their first Gaon No.1 digital hit, but it was 2012 that cemented them as a top contender to be one of the top groups of their generation with "Alone" and "Loving U"
    • Mamamoo also had a breakout hit with "Um Oh Ah Yeah", and also followed up with other hits like "You're The Best" which was their first Gaon No.1 hit, and also Decalcomanie/Yes I Am (No.2 on Gaon)
    • StayC's ASAP is doing really really well. Probably not to the extent of Sistar's hit for example, but ASAP is doing unexpected amazing (No.9 on Gaon peak) that no one really expected, just like Sistar/Mamamoo previously

    Do you think StayC has the potential to be the Sistar/Mamamoo of their generation success wise? Also, BEP is the same producer that produced many of Sistar hits. They produced 3 No.1 hits for Sistar, they literally made the 3rd Gen National Hit Cheer Up and many other Twice songs. With the right song and promotion I think StayC has huge potential to be a top contender of their generation


    What do you guys think?

  • Yeah I also think they will really grow and they are a group that Koreans are interested in which makes things easier. I believe that with good song, and comeback timing they might even get first win with next comeback.

  • I see them more as new GFriend! Since both had labels started by well established known ex-Big 3. (BEP with JYP and GFriend's CEO was with SM).

    And both came out with viral hits in the midst of competing with Big 3 groups! GFriend with RedTwicePink and STAYC with AETZY!

    ɪ ɴ ʜʀ ʏ, ʟʟ ɪ' ʏʀ ʙʙʏ, ʙʙʏ, ʙʙʏ~ ()()

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