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    And since that goodbye TWICE have released about 61 original songs, promoted I think 8 separate comebacks, released 12 Korean songs in Japan language, debuted in the US, released a Youtube Original series and released 12 seasons of Time to TWICE(with a new one coming next Friday)

    Also Feel Special is part of TWICE 'B' or 2.0 or w/e you want to call it. I mean sonically and composition wise something like Fancy and I Can't Stop Me are pretty much identical music genres. It's not different lol.

    yeah if there was a "Twice B" beginning it was Fancy, that's when they moved away from the Bubblegum pop sound. Although that was also the last BEP beginning song, so I guess you could argue Feel Special is the beginning. Feel Special is very different than anything from 2015-2018 so idk how anyone could think of that as the last "real" Twice song.

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    Sehun with Chanyeol's dad so cute :pepecute:

    how anyone could question EXO's bond is beyond me

    in an hour and a half Baekhyun should get the top 10 artist of the year from Melon again. He's 5th in digital sales (a combination of total streams and downloads) and 5th in overall voting currently. There's no judge component to potentially screw him over so he should easily make it, which is so impressive for a male idol soloist (really it's impressive for any artist tho).

    700k?? BP cfanbase ordered +400k.

    wasn't it at 400k like months before the album was even announced? / Either way let's say they bought "only" 400k copies, that's still means in this hypothetical scenario that Korea would be responsible for the other 1 million sales, and they sold essentially no albums in no countries outside of those two, which is obviously not the case.

    People keep ignoring my main point which is BP is much more popular internationally than SNSD was so comparing their total sales overall worldwide is meaningless when determining domestic popularity.

    I was not talking about their Oricon sales though having a Japanese fanbase also contributes for their Korean sales same as let's say having a big Chinese fanbase. Another point I want to point out is that all kpop groups benefit for being popular IN SEA countries and having a big support from them including SM groups.

    BTW, I'm not denying twice's achievements and success they were called NGG after all I was mostly talking about the past last years (2018-2021)

    oh for sure; as an EXO-L I'm very aware of how important SEA fans are to our fandom in particular, even as the SK fandom has gone down or just splintered into member solo fandoms for EXO, SEA and China have kept EXO's sales rising regardless, so I love them for that. A sale is a sale.

    But my point was just that BP has a big fandom in way more countries than SNSD ever had so we can't compare their album sales to determine who was more popular in just South Korea. I just used China and SEA as examples because I feel like most people knew they have a much bigger fandom in those parts of the world than SNSD ever did.

    The only reason I'm focusing on domestic popularity is because it's much more fun to argue about that than worldwide popularity because BP is so obviously #1 for that.

    you got a source for that most of the albums coming from sea claim cause I would love to see that honestly cause I'm trying to find it myself but nothing is popping up. Also You're comparing BP to BGs but not doing the same for SNSD?? Cause I was actually a kpop fan around that time and there was definitely a period around Gee-Genie-Oh that SNSD has back to back national hits but I would not say they were overall constantly more popular then groups like Big Bang, Kara etc. There was definitely a period of time where they were the undisputed top girl group but its not like they were absolutely killing everyone else in every single metric.

    Unfortunately no source, it was a bit of a projection on my part because everyone says their biggest fandom is SEA after China, but my main point is they definitely did not sell over a million albums just in SK. I know their c-bar publicized their pre-orders at the time and it was over 700k so just that number means that Blackpink couldn't have sold one million albums in just Korea (and literally no group does except BTS). Just for comparison even Baekhyun didn't sell 300k in SK for his latest solo album in just SK based off of fansite pre-orders and his fandom (not gp popularity) is probably bigger than BPs in SK.

    And I did explicitly compare SNSD to boy groups which was the reason I did the same for BP and Twice. SNSD is the only girl group to finish first on the year end chart (Twice and BP both peaked at #5) on Gaon, but when SNSD did it the albums purchased in SK effectively only counted for Gaon. Bulk buying and international fans ordering on ktown4u was just not a thing then. And as far as I know albums that are sold through Japanese distributors and counted on Oricon don't count on Gaon. And there was no Gaon chart in 2009 but Gee was the most downloaded idol song of 2009 based off the information we have, and it definitely made the largest/lasting cultural impact of any song released that year.

    Snsd albums sales didn't come from Korea only lol they had a considerably big fanbase in Japan and SEA countries too ( I was a sone I know lol ) with Twice it was even more their second fanbase is in Japan.

    you are being totally ridiculous lol blackpink sold 1.4 M copies their album sales don't come from SEA and China only if this was the case they wouldn't be able to this well lol. Sis, you are forgetting US, which also a considerably a good part of their audience. Not to mention, how popular they are in Brazil and Mexico and even if kpop is a niche market in some parts of Europe or the world they still were able to make a world tour something that another girl group yet has been able to do. Stop acting that all bp album sales come from SEA as if this isn't the case for most kpop groups lol SEA kpop fans consume kpop in general.

    I totally know BP has a huge fandom worldwide and have a reach far beyond any other GG before them, but my point is BP's SK fandom is not responsible for all 1.4 million albums or even close to it, as their fanbase in SK isn't even their 2nd biggest fanbase. So bringing up their album sales vs. SNSD is pointless because it's not measuring domestic popularity at all. And as far as I know albums sold on Oricon aren't counted on Gaon because they are sold through Japanese distributors (like Tower records or what have you). Although in the case of Twice by 2016 it's possible Japanese fans were bulk buying from Korea to pump up the sales I guess.

    However, Twice's peak lasted three years where they had multiple PAKs and 9 #1s on Gaon/Melon is just 3 years while being the best selling GG album wise and dominating music shows at the same time. Blackpink had one year as the undisputed top selling GG (IZ*ONE and Twice both outsold them album-wise in 2019)and then have released no music in 2021. So how can you say their legacy is as great as SNSD and Twice in SK, when they only had one year as the biggest GG. And just anecdotally as someone who lived in SK the entire time both Twice and BP have been active, BP has never even come close to the cultural saturation Twice had 2016-2017, and from what everyone I know tells me SNSD's era was even beyond that back in 2009-2010.