The accident [re-written and new stylised FF]

  • I try my best since the original of my story is in German and I write from my memories, wich might bard since I wrote the story 3 years or so agao + I change the style complettle, not just cause it's another language, but just to keep an fresher touch since the story I wrote was back to a time where I just wrote like if you use to write stories in school so yeah... This will be written in a very uncomon way hehe ^^ So yeah... have fun reading

    Hi, my name is Jin

    I don't know if anyone of you ever saw a ghost or zombie before

    I didn't saw anyone before too so I had no idea what was going on

    It was pretty weird and I still can't belive that something like this even happend

    I think I need to start at the bottom where it all begun


    It was frieday ... or saturday... IDK but it was one of the days where we had time to hang around and do stuff

    I remember how Suga said to me that he was happy to have a full week off, he was visiting his parents that he didn't visited in so long

    RM was going out with Jimin and V that day, I think they went to a art gallery or something like that

    I stayed with J-Hope and Jungkook in the dorm cause we had no idea what to do

    A while later Jungkook scrolled trought his phone and saw a news-webite popin up advertising a new restaurant just around the corner

    We decided to go to that restaurant, oh well because we forgot to buy groceries and nobody of us was in the mood to go and buy some

    The restaurant was actually very nice and we liked it, the style was very fancy and the food on a very high level


    Now you may wonder what this has to do with seeing a ghost or a zombie

    Well actually no, I just had a great evening so far till that point

    We even stayed very long and ordered a second round of food and drinks

    It was a very nice place that I can really much recomend

    Anyway ... I remember that we left after being asked to go home since the place was about to close down


    Ich checked my phone if I got any new messages

    "Hey, are you comming?" I heard a voice and looked up from my phone to see J-Hope waving at me

    "One moment" I said and finished typing an messages into my phone, than put it away and followed J-Hope

    But there was something weird, I had no idea what it was at that time

    Something didn't felt right, the street was pretty empty wich was weird since Seoul isn't like this

    It was feeling so unreal, all stores had allready closed down and not even a single window had the lights burning, not even the apartments

    It was silent, way to silent, silent enough so you heard a dog barking from very far away

    The feeling was kind of weird and nothing you know from a city like Seoul

    Than J-Hope begun to talk to me and we begun to talk about random stuff like seeing our family again or what we wanted to do on the next day


    A loud scream lit up the darkness

    "OH HOLLY SHIT! I... WHY?" a deep male voice yelled from far away

    The dog you could hear barking begun to bark a lot more

    "Wait, did you heard that?" J-Hope asked me and I shrugged

    "That dosn't seems right, we should be carefull and see if someone maybe needs our help?" I said and J-Hop nodded

    We quietly walked up a few streets and looked around if we saw someone

    "I can't belive it Yeongsan ... " was to hear from far away and we came closer and closer

    Finally we arived at the corner of a street where a big foreign car was standing, a tall overweight man in shorts with a phone in his hand

    "I told you... what if the police will find me? ... right ... yes ... yes hyung... right..." this man talked into his phone

    We looked around, sneaked closer, tried to stay as calm as possible and tried to hind behind a bush

    I looked around trought the bush

    "Jin ... where Jungkook? " he whispered and I looked around

    "I have no idea. Did he went back to the dorm?" I asked back but J-Hope didn't said anything, he didn't even moved

    Than I heard him screaming, saw him running, he was never looking this angry before and I noticed what was going on


    All I can remember from this moment on is that J-Hope ran to this man and this man noticed J-Hope, jumped into his car and drove away

    J-Hope ran and ran, trying to catch this man in his car, but he couldn't stop him

    I slowly walked to where the man had his car and noticed what I didn't noticed but J-Hope noticed

    Right at the spot where the car was standing, I saw him, I imediatly felt sick and about to throw up

    A person was lying on the street, face down to the ground, covered in blood

    I moved the person's arm to check if I could still feel a heartbeat, but it was almost impossible to feel it

    J-Hope came back, his face red like a tomato, his fists ready to punch a wall

    He knelt next to me and looked into my face

    "What happend here? Did someone got murdered or was ist just an accidant?" I asked J-Hope but he was out of breath unable to talk

    Than I moved the person's face around to check if I could feel the breath and try to reanimate the person before the ambulance apears

    "Oh no... no no... that can't be true ... not him!" was the last thing I remember J-Hope said to me as I moved the person's face around

    It was Jungkook, than my vision got blurry and I passed out


    "Mr. Kim?" A woman in a white dress aproached me, I looked around

    "Where am I? " I asked and noticed that I was siting on a chair in a waiting area of the local hospital

    J-Hope sat next to me, held my hand, looked worried

    "I am glad that you are ok" J-Hope sights and looked back at the big door wich was leading the emergency rooms

    Than I remembered, the face, his face, covered in blood

    "Is he going to make it?" I asked the woman, apparently a nurse who was checking if I was ok after I passed out

    She didn't said anything, she just shared a couple of looks between be and J-Hope and than left


    We waited and waited and nothing was happening

    Than Jimin, V and RM stormed into the waiting room

    "Oh my god, what happend? Tell me everything!" Jimin screamed out of breath

    V and RM took seat next to J-Hope staring at the big door to the emergency rooms

    Jimin was about to cry but tried to hold it in

    J-Hope than explained everything, the worst on it even is that we both couldn't remember the liscence plate on the car


    Around an 3 or 4 hours had passed, everyone except J-Hope fell asleep in the waiting room

    J-Hope was calling Suga on the phone to explain what just happend, than everyone shrugg and woke up as the heavy doors opend

    V was about to jump off of his chair "Jungko..." than he sights, it was just a mother with her little daughter who cut her hand by accidant and got it stitched

    Everyone sights, stares at the wall, nervously tapping his finger at the armrest RM decided to stand up and take a walk to the hospital entrance to get some fresh air

    A few moments later everyone decided to take a walk to the visitors bathroom and I was left alone

    Than the doors open again, a doctor comes out and looks at me, than sights, folloed by a stretcher covered up with a white blanket surounded by 2 nurses

    All I remember is how I begun to run to the doctor, cried and screamed and shouted and became very angry

    "He died, did he?" I cried, but the doctor didn't said anything

    I than fell on top of the stretcher, cried, begun to scream and tried to prevent the nurses from carrying the stretcher away

    "I can't and won't belive it! No, he was so young!" I screamed and shout

    Than something cold touched my hand and I shrugg

    "I love you" a sound briefly whispered trought the air, than was gone


    "What was that?" I shrugg and looked where this cold feeling touched my arm, I was frightened

    A redish blue colored hand full of bruises was holding my arm

    "D... doctor ... is this normal?" I asked hinting towards my arm, the doctor sceptically moved an eyebrow

    "We need to run more tests" he said and made a move with his hands to let the nurses know to bring the stretcher back into the emergency

    I was totally confused and take a seat again holding my head in my heads not knowing what was even going on


  • "Any news?" Jimin asked as everyone came back into the waiting room, I don't liked to talk about what just had happend so I said nothing

    We waited again for a couple of hours and nothing happend, it was frustrating

    Than the doctor came out again a few times, went back inside and we had no idea what was even going on inside the emergency room

    A while late a nurse came outside with a very shooked looking face

    "I don't know if we should talk about this in here" she said and asked if one of us could follow her to a small office, wich was me


    "Please take a seat" the nurse offered me in her small office and opend up a folder of notes she took while she was in the emergency room

    "It is very weird, we never saw something like this before. His face is crushed and he is allready on a level of blue skincolor that he should be dead since at least 4 hours or so" she said

    I listened carfully, apparently even tho he should be dead, it seemed to be weird as hell

    The tests revealed that his heart and brain should be not functioning anymore, but something still made parts of his body come off like if they would function

    Than the doctor came into the office announcing that they give up on the tests because the body stoped behaving weird and so they belive he finally fully passed away

    This ment for me to go back to the waiting room and wait till they would carry away the dead body


    Back in the waiting room everyone was having a worried look in their face and I refused to tell them what was going on

    A finally last time the big doors to the emergency room opend and the doctor came out with the stretcher followed by 2 nurses

    I prepaired myself to say a last goodbye and went up to the doctor asking if I could say a few last words before I was never seeing him anymore

    Even tho he was entierly covered with a white blanked I imagined him looking at me and listening, so I proceedet to talk and talk and talk about everyhing

    I cried, I screamed, I shouted, I let it all out and said what was on my mind, from the good and the bad, every memory I had about him

    I looked at the ceiling, whiped away a tear from my face, than V begun to scream

    I got shook by the scream and shrugg, what was going on that he had to scream like that?


    The blanket on the stretcher begun to move and it looked like if someone under it was sitting upright

    A hand reached out of the blanket, looking like if someone was asking to be hold by the hand

    "Jin, Kim Seokjin?" a voice whispered and I shrugg more and more, it sounded like Jungkook

    I freezed, unable to move, what should I even do in such a sitution?

    Thank the blanked moved and revealed a cold blue-greyish dead body with closed eyes, full of bruises, oen wounds, and blood

    The lips slowly moving, saying my name and I was not even able do function normaly

    The doctor and nurses freaked out, trying to stay calm, V was screaming like a schoolgirl, RM yelling that he can't belive what he just saw

    The dead body opend it's eyes but there was no color, no shine, nothing, the eye was fully white, than he turned his face towads me

    "Jin, I allways loved you, but it is too late to ever confess my feeling towards you" the dead body said, reached out his hands and grabed me

    The cold hands pulled me closer, it was akward, feeling all this open wounds, the flesh, the cold stiff body, everything

    Than the cold hands touched my face, pulling me way closer than before, face to face, into a deep kiss

    The dead body closed his eyes, bloody tears streamed out of his eyes

    A moment of silence latter he let loose, fell back onto the stretcher and the last thing I got to hear was "I miss you, Jin"


    Some days later we held a funeral and from now on I belive in ghosts and zombies

    I will never forget what happend on that day


    :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!: :?: :!:

    I hope you liked the story I wrote ~ Isn't that easy for me since English is just my second language and I had to think again about everything I wrote years ago ~ But I had kind of fun trying to re-create the story, but in a different style in another language hehe

  • was this just a one-shot???

    if so then i rlly like it! i was just wondering if its too much to ask for another part...u dont have to!

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