So BTS is not attending to music shows to promote Butter

  • Everything I wanted to say in these two replies.

    I think as soon as audiences are allowed, they'll promote on music shows. Since concerts still don't look like a possibility for some time now, I think they'll definitely be on those shows.

    I personally feel they pushed back the date of the release of this single and the album due to the hope of being able to perform in front of audiences. Otherwise I don't remember them having to release so much content with very small intervals. I mean they released Japanese single (OST), English single, Japanese album and a korean album in less than 3 months time with almost 3 months of no activities before that. Since the situation didn't get any better they have decided to go ahead.

    Oh that's a very good point about how they were probably waiting to hopefully be able to perform with their next release, and now that they can't are just rolling it all out and moving ahead! I can see that.

  • i don't think it's because they are too big to music shows like some ppl are saying.

    It's simply cause the purpose of attending music shows is army for bts and it's not safe for attending these days so they are not going to those shows.

  • It's up to the company......


    For Korean fans, BTS should at least appear on Inkigayo which is arguably the flagship Music Show in South Korea.

    In the meantime, if they don't appear, I can definitely see some morons, in the future, claiming they boycotted them

  • Tbh, it's better not to perform on music shows. They pay the artists pretty bad (even tho the music shows gain a lot from ratings and yt views) and it's time-consuming because they have to do lots of rehearsals and wait till the end when the winner is announced. It's not like they don't provide enough performances for fans, there were so many Dynamite vids that I couldn't even decide which is my favorite lol.

    I don't think they are selfish or that they feel superiors because of their popularity lol. And the pandemic is still here, it's better not to enter in contact with too many people.

  • understandable though. bts only attends music shows for armys so now that they dont have audience i feel like they dont see the need to perform on music shows. maybe they'll promote on us shows again

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