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    Everything I wanted to say in these two replies.

    I think as soon as audiences are allowed, they'll promote on music shows. Since concerts still don't look like a possibility for some time now, I think they'll definitely be on those shows.

    I personally feel they pushed back the date of the release of this single and the album due to the hope of being able to perform in front of audiences. Otherwise I don't remember them having to release so much content with very small intervals. I mean they released Japanese single (OST), English single, Japanese album and a korean album in less than 3 months time with almost 3 months of no activities before that. Since the situation didn't get any better they have decided to go ahead.

    Oh that's a very good point about how they were probably waiting to hopefully be able to perform with their next release, and now that they can't are just rolling it all out and moving ahead! I can see that.

    Hmm... I would also like a front row at concerts, BUT seeing them that close and having conversation even in short period time at fan meeting, I remember that FOREVER. Like telling my grand child a story of “how I met that legend BTS” hahha

    I think that is one of feelings I would never experience..

    I am already flattered by thinking of it


    YES this exactly like to be able to just see them hanging out and that close and just chatting it would be so cool



    THAT EMOJI FITS - the two water cannons moments were soaking and we were so cold and then the fire cannons toasted our skin to bits my lips had lost like 5 layers by the end of the concert (we were right in the armpit of the stage)

    Please note I'd do it again in a heartbeat, had an amazing time, it was so fun, regret nothing. WORTH IT. Amazing all around. THEY WERE SO CLOSE.

    Still those stadium stages are super high, so even when on the stage near us they were like 20 feet above - next time I go I def want something further back to mix it up(my MOTS tour tickets were SO GOOD just one section back from the extended stage why WHHHHHY :cryc: )

    LOLOLOL, undulating. Here's an undulating :akorns: for completing this!!

    THANK YOU :pepelove1: (What my undulating looks like -> :mooning: )

    I agree! :iloveyoub:


    concert is 2 hours or more. Fanmeet is probably 10 minutes. I will choose the one i see them for the longesr

    hmmmm you get to the heart of the matter perfectly as always - this is an excellent point. There are never too many BTS concerts. I want both


    If there are audiences now, I'm pretty sure Bangtan will do Music Shows... They value their audience more than what some of you think of...

    Exactly what I was going to say - BTS was very sad at music shows during ON era, they only do them to see KARMY. Those ridiculous 20 hour days to perform 3 times for badly organized shows with crappy ratings Is not worth it to them without fans.

    They'll probably be back once audiences are.

    Different types of audience. BG fans tend to be core fandom, more hardcore, and buy the physicals and the merch.

    GGs tend to have more GP interest, lots more locals checking out their videos (everyone likes pretty women dancing, women/self included, where men on average tend to be less interested in watching guys perform)

    A girl group that can generate BG loyalty and GG gp interest all in one would be a powerhouse.

    Amazing thread thank you thank you!

    1 - Fanmeet; I've been super front row at a concert (long story of scam tickets and Stubhub giving us those in exchange) and it was fun but I'd only want it again in front of the extended stage! We did a lot of staring at their legs and the screens. A fanmeet would be different and so cool to see them just talking up-close


    1. brash

    2. undulating (idk idk I just like the word)

    3. tangent-y

    4. tenacious

    5. emphatic

    6. ranty

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    These individual covers are lethal

    I can't stop watching his video :pepe-life-support:

    (I vote all AKP ARMY for whatever we're voting for :froghype:

    "have poetry-level lyrics", fans of one direction and BSB said the same

    People don't even take kpop seriously, I really don't know how fans of this genre are so skewed as to believe that some Korean group will really have an impact outside of their country.

    Now you're just literally saying anything. They most certainly did not in any universe say 1D had 'poetry level lyrics' - we won't even get into Backstreet Boys. Come on now.

    So.... you think the group that was the best selling in the world last year and has beaten records held by the Beatles has no impact outside Korea? Is a top three touring act, and their only competition are these huge legacy musicians? Tell us more, I want to hear you justify this. :pepe-popcorn:

    lol are you serius?, BGs are simply a product created by a series of men to take money from girls and adolescents, that is it, what impact could something like this have on the music industry? other than bulk purchases and that kind of shit?

    Do you think someone in a country other than Korea will say in 15 years "oh yes, my great inspiration was BTS"?, Be objective, okay, BTS is successful, no one denies it, but they are still a pre-fabricated act, like any BG, they ain't no revolutionary act.

    It's always so interesting to read when someone rehashes all the tired old stereotypes in our messy year of 2021 despite nothing about BTS or their story matching said dismissive tropes.

    You sound like you're trying to convince yourself; BTS is in their eighth year and still rising, are extremely involved in their music, have poetry-level lyrics, have allowed their small Korean company to gobble up American companies and become a massive player in a very short period of time, raised visibility and credibility in the racist western industry for koreans and asians in general, and in the time of streaming demonstrated how incredibly powerful connecting deeply with your fans can be on both sales and longevity.

    None of your other mentioned boy groups can say any of that, and back to the point they are making So. Much. Money. for everyone involved with them because they are using methods other major acts/labels have abandoned and don't even try. They are legitimately revolutionary.

    If you don't think they haven't had a huge impact and everyone in the industry isn't watching them you're not paying much attention, or are just trying to will this delusional alternate reality into being. (spoiler: This will not work.)

    My EDM-loving a$$ for one can't wait until Enhypen hits us with an absolute banger on Monday and I'm not ashamed :froghype:

    (also like I tried so hard to get into kpop through the 2nd gen and beginning of 3rd and no one can convince me it was somehow better on average than 4th gen. Nope not buying it not true doesn't fly)