This is the prettiest traditional dress I ever saw

  • It looks ok. The fabric makes it look like some kind of military uniform.

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  • no this

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  • I like the military theme but the fabric is too thick for my taste... looks costume-y. The embroidery on the sleeves/shoulders is nice.

    Idk the fabric was one of the best parts for me lol. Looking more into it these are the other versions



    And yeah about the military theme, this dress was trending a while back with people using in their fantasy warrior princess atworks and I thought so too. I got curious about the designer and turns out it was just a traditional dress, without trying to do anything military or costume like. That was awkward lmao

  • The black one definitely gives me a commander vibe lol. Not a bad thing though.

    I'm trying to figure out the term for what those horizontal bars on the chest would be called in the context of a military uniform... but I'm clearly picking the wrong search terms because I'm getting back nothing. Maybe it's not a real military thing at all and just something some random mangaka invented at some point.

    Like this for instance:

  • Oh those dresses are technically from eastern europe though since it's from the north caucasus, unless the caucasus is considered to be in asia idk

    Oh thought they were from west Asia ops. Still stunning.

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  • I really like clothes like this. I was looking for something similar but didn't know where to buy it. I read the reviews and decided to buy a dress there and it suited me perfectly. Now I'm looking for different accessories to complement the image

  • she looks like she’s ready to get down to business aha. I personally don’t really like it, the fabric looks too heavy and thick for it to be comfortable (idk maybe it’s cold where the dress originated from hence the thick material).

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