Itzy Yeji and SF9 Youngbin's dating rumors broke




    Oppa please love her a long long timeㅋㅋㅋ

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    1. [+126, -2]
    Do you think Yeji is crazy? She's going to link on someone's arm like that in such a public place? I'm freaking pissed that this picture was exposed from the international side

    2. [+104, -6]
    But from the back it's so not Yejiㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Cut it down already, it's freaking funny that you guys only judge this because of her hair color. Do you think Yeji is crazy enough to not even hide her dyed hair and hang out with a male idol like that?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Nonesense

    3. [+77, -12]
    Isn't this his nuna? Youngmin has a nuna that's one year older than him

    4. [+45, -5]
    She looks more like Chaeryung than Yeji

    5. [+41, -5]
    The ears shape is too different

    6. [+38, -1]
    Yeji's hair texture isn't this good. She's done silver, blonde, red and she's dyed her hair 3 times, do you want to die?

    7. [+32, -0]
    Youngbin and her have 6 years difference and he's 29... It's like a grandma dating her grandson

  • how on earth is a 6 years difference age gap like a grandma and grandson lol :clown: i love the other comments tho,,they dont easily believe the rumors and try to defend her:cheersc:


    ʂŋʂɖıɠąŋɠɛҳơɬıƈɛŕɛɖ ۷ɛƖ۷ɛɬąɛʂą

    Kai suzy dahyun sunoo wendy hangyul sooyoung

    scoups siwon minnie jennie yeji ýeonjun wonhõ JR eunseo sunwoo seunghee wooşeok ýunho yoon ýooa taeyong jin pinky yunkyeong kariningning




  • I guess netizens don't understand that women like men who are a little more mature than themselves. That's why women often date someone at least 5-8 years older than them. Because I think men usually mature very late. Let's look at Momo and Heechul, for example. Absolutely both at the same maturity and age spiritually. Age is just a number. The age at which everyone feels and acts is different. Therefore, it is not clear who will get along with whom and love. If Yeji is dating someone, it is not surprising, because she's very beautiful.

  • At least Knetz are smart enough to see those are not Yeji's ears. I don't understand why Yeji got involved in this when her ears and hair color and back are complete different the person in the pics.

  • The girl in the pic has round ears. Yeji ears are wavy and not round. Also from the back it is also not Yeji. I can't say it Chaeryeong but like Knetz said it looks more like it's her ears.

    Yeji ---------------------------Chaeryeong


    Oh sorry, let me put :rolleyes: in my comment

  • The original rumor was shading SF9, didnt mention ITZY, people just seen the red and assumed it was Chaer, then Yeji.

    I dont think its either personally, but would you know with some scuffed 480p photos, Chaer's ears flare alot more, and yejis are differnt shape i guess,

    • Youngbin and her have 6 years difference and he's 29... It's like a grandma dating her grandson

    A 93 liner being compared to a grandma .... speachless, do knetz think people cease to exist when they get out of 20 or something?

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