knetz react to Gidle “Super Lady” flopping on Melon chart

  • Melon daily rankings for "Super Lady":



    Top 100 rankings:

    Considered one of (G)I-DLE's least successful tracks, "Oh my god" and "Senorita"'s Melon daily trends.




    -I'm a bit disappointed... Wife is better.

    -The song was good thoughㅠ Now it seems like my taste in music is going in the opposite direction of the mainstream. Recently, my favorite songs are all underperforming in terms of chart rankings.

    -It's addictive, but the song doesn't have a style that appeals the publicㅠㅠ

    -I like Wife more

    -Despite the noisy marketing this time, it's disappointing because the song isn't great. But since they're (G)I-DLE, if they choose a good song next time, it'll rank well.

    -Wife is better. They chose the wrong title-track.

    -It's going to climb up the rank eventually.

    -It might climb up later when they start appearing on music shows, but this strategy of marketing seems like a big failure anyway.

    -The song isn't really appealing, and the marketing hype is making it even less appealing.

    -The song is a bit disappointing...

    -They haven't even appeared on music shows yet, and it's only been three days since the release.

    -Listened to it twice, I have to say there's nothing catchy about that song... Except for the lyrics, Wife is better.

  • Given the current competition, a top 5 peak for either Wife or Super Lady would be a great achievement. The trend in K-pop music is currently leaning towards minimalism. Unfortunately, none of the recent comebacks by girl groups have been making a rise, while boy groups’ music like Love119 and Plot Twist are going up. It’s also possible that the public is growing weary of empowerment concepts.

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  • It's alright, I expected the comments to be worse.

    As some comments pointed out, it's gonna be interesting to see how the song performs after the group started to promote it on TV. It might rise or it might keep flopping,I wouldn't be surprised by either result. I think the song has a catch to it, but I also think it doesn't carry the group's usual uniqueness and even sounds a little derivative. We'll see.

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