Sometimes I find Twitter kpop fans and Instagram kpop fans weird.

  • From some other websites too, but I'm especially thinking about these two.

    I mean the fans that go post comments like "bestie", "girl dinner", "my cutie patootie" or post random GIFs, when their favourite group posts.

    I don't know if it is just me, who finds it weird.

    Or I can't imagine myself posting comments like "Bestie" or "mother is mothering", when I see a Seonghwa post on ATEEZ's official accounts.

    Most of the times I think I just comment something like "you're handsome" to kpop artists' post.

    Okay, maybe those kpop artists don't see some of those comments, but I still find some comments weird.

    They are probably more likely to see comments like that in a Youtube live or something like that. (some Youtube live comments can be cringeworthy)

  • Nope def not just you, it was part of the reason I left both platforms entirely.

    Although at first it felt normal, it was really hard to have a normal conversation with a lot of the fans, I think a lot of younger fans use those platforms the most which is why it could be like that.

    I saw a lot of those words used in livestreams for different artists to.

    I found ATEEZ around Pirate King release day, and I totally get where you're coming from there to. A lot of fans I met are my age/ just entering their twenties and they sometimes post stuff like that or are genuinely nice to the boys.

    I've stopped attending live streams purely because of that reason unless its a really nugu artists who doesn't get a lot of interaction with international fans then I'll ask, 'what has been your favourite Korean/Japanese food you have enjoyed lately?, are you looking forward to the upcoming release or is there any music genre you want to try lately?" instead of those kinds of comments. I can't bring myself to interact with fans in the chat anymore lol

  • i'm THAT fan that tells Hello Gloom he looks sexy lol

    (you thought i was joking)



    actually Corbyn talked to me when i said spotify didn't have his album on it yet and i wanted to hear it, then hours later told him they finally had it and he liked my post.

    I always call Sunyoul handsome or cutie

    or when One N' Only posted mcdonald's food and i'm like dammit ya'll made me hungry lol

    I'm also THAT person that tells mnet to kick rocks


    I'm delusional and think heechan loves me



    I'm kidding

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