• I. Introduction:

    ONE N’ ONLY currently consist of 6 members: REI, TETTA, NAOYA, Kenshin, Hayato and Eiku. ONE N’ ONLY was founded when EBiSSH and SBC had their first tour together in April 2018. They debuted on May 7, 2018 with the song, “I’M SWAG.” They are under Stardust.

    ONE N’ ONLY Fandom Name: SWAG

    ONE N’ ONLY Official Colors: White

    Their music videos reached a million views in less than 24 hours and their 2nd single Dark Knight placed first on both the Oricon chart and Japan Billboard Top 100.

    II. Members:

    Stage Name: Rei (玲)
    Real Name: Sawamura Rei (沢村玲)
    Position: Vocalist
    Birthday: January 2nd, 1997
    Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
    Height: 177 cm (5’10”)
    Blood Type: B
    Instagram: @rei.sawamura_official
    Personal Blog: #REI

    He is part of EBiSSH.

    Stage Name: Tetta
    Real Name: Seki Tetta (関哲汰)
    Position: Vocalist
    Birthday: November 24th, 1997
    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
    Height: 169 cm (5’7″)
    Blood Type: B
    Instagram: @tetta1124_official
    Personal Blog: #TETTA

    He is a member of EBiSSH.

    Stage Name: Naoya (直弥)
    Real Name: Kusakawa Naoya (草川直弥)
    Position: Rapper and Dancer
    Birthday: April 6th, 1998
    Zodiac Sign: Aries
    Height: 175 cm (5’9″)
    Blood Type: A
    Instagram: @0406_k.naofficial
    Personal Blog: NAOYA

    He has a brother: Takuya (member of Choutokkyuu).
    He played soccer (For 11 years)
    He is part of EBiSSH.
    Starred in the Japanese BL Drama "HIS" (2020)

    Stage Name: Kenshin (謙信)
    Real Name: Kamimura Kenshin (上村謙信)
    Positions: Rapper and Dancer
    Birthday: July 8th, 1999
    Zodiac Sign: Cancer
    Height: 178 cm (5’10″)
    Blood Type: B
    Instagram: @kenshin_stagram0708
    Twitter: @kenshin110708
    Personal Blog: #KENSHIN

    He is a member of Satori Boys Club (SBC)

    Stage Name: Hayato (颯斗)
    Real Name: Takao Hayato (高尾颯斗)
    Positions: Dance Leader, Rapper and Dancer
    Birthday: September 17th, 1999
    Zodiac Sign: Virgo
    Height: 175.8 cm (5’9 1/4″)
    Blood Type: AB
    Instagram: @8810_takaofficial
    TikTok: @hayato_ekradio_fy
    Personal Blog: #HAYATO

    His special skills are dancing and playing soccer.
    He studied dancing for more than 15 years.
    He’s also good at making choreography.
    He is a member of Satori Boys Club (SBC)

    Stage Name: Eiku (永玖)
    Real Name: Yamashita Eiku (山下永玖)
    Positions: Vocalist
    Birthday: December 19th, 1999
    Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
    Height: 169.1 cm (5’6″)
    Blood Type: B
    Instagram: @eiku1219_official
    Personal Blog: #EIKU

    His special abilities are playing the drums, piano and guitar.
    He is a member of Satori Boys Club (SBC).

    III. Discography:


    [2020.04.15] ON'O

    [2023.05.17] Departure

    [2023.12.06] You Are/Hook Up


    [2022.02.16] YOUNG BLOOD


    [2018.11.21] I'M SWAG

    [2019.05.08] Dark Knight

    [2019.10.16] Category / My Love

    [2023.03.08] We’ll rise again

    Digital Singles

    [2020.10.14] JUST LIKE ME

    [2021.01.20] L.O.C.A

    [2021.06.09] Video Chat

    [2021.09.03] L.O.C.A (PT-BR ver.)

    [2021.12.15] We Just Don't Care

    [2022.01.05] What's Your Favorite?

    [2022.06.17] LUCKY

    [2022.09.05] Step Up

    [2022.10.26] Good Day

    [2023.01.18] YOU???

    [2023.02.24] Get That (PT-BR ver.)

    [2023.04.26] Reflection

    [2023.08.16] EVOL

    [2023.11.14] Freaking Happy


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