is Starship just lucky or actually capable enough to produce 2 mega digital monster group on different generations...

  • i always wonder this,

    first they came out with SISTAR who actually managed to become one of the biggest korean girl group in term of charting and sales

    and now, IVE is about to becoming one too.. this time with better album sales

    both SISTAR and IVE's achievement are not just "did well on chart" achievement, they're the definition of mega digital monster.. they're able to shine among all the big 4 girl group (2ne1, snsd, wonder girls, nj, lsfrm, aespa, itzy)

    is it actually just lucky, or is there any key factor on Starship company despite not being a big company (compared to big 4)

  • No way luck did it for them twice although Wjsn isn't on par with the rest of 3rd gen groups they still manged to have some songs that resonate well with the GP and good album sales with some members having successful solo careers and for MonstaX starship took a good advantage of their popularity overseas I would even place 3rd in US in term of popularity after Bts and Nct and the overseas popularity helped them expend their career in Korea and cement it and now Starship is doing it again with Ive through good mangent and using the right team to produce for Ive the only problem that Starship has is that the seem to not be able to contain the hate that their idols receives


  • Both I guess?

    Now that you said it, yeah... they had at least 1 group that make them keep surviving on each gen..

    Idk about cravity, but I guess WJSN trajectory might be disrupted because they lost their C-line... Because damn, Chengxiao is one of famous artist in China right now...

    Like my mother who only follow bg, know her just because she love c-drama and c-shows...

    While sometimes starship is starshit when it comes to scheduling and some other stuffs, but they give their artists many opportunities (like bona and her acting gigs, some wjsn member had many osts, etc)

  • The only reason I feel that WJSN isn't as popular is because of the number of

    That and also maybe because starship back then only following a trend?

    My following statements below may upsetting a long-time ujungs..

    But I think that back in the day, starship actually want to follow/copy twice.

    I may be wrong on that conclusion, but after watching their early contents and such, they said that actually wjsn is originally meant to be girl-crushy, and it will be less then 10 (it would be 6 or so, i forgot)

    Then, somehow starship adding some more cute members, and then momomo is their debut song.

    And my first impression is, momomo is a cute song, like early twice.

    But then, fortunately they added Yeonjung and made the vibes to be more dreamy/fantasy

    So the debut didn't give them much, because they took the common vibes, making them hard to pop out from the rest

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