What is you guy's review of baby monster members and who do you think is gonna get booted out

  • Who's getting eliminated in yo opinion 8

    1. Pharita (1) 13%
    2. Ahyeon (0) 0%
    3. Rora (2) 25%
    4. Ruka (1) 13%
    5. Chiquita (0) 0%
    6. Haram (4) 50%
    7. Asa (0) 0%

    Personally i find ruka most noticeable n interesting, and asa seems most prettiest in the group and also a very good visual in general too. chiquita is ok but rest are pretty much unnoticeable, rest of the members seems like commoners and don't have that that high quality big3 or yg vibes. The latest episode was kinda hinting that ruka might get eliminated which i very much, doubt. If my favourite member got kicked I'd be pissed.

    I think pharita would be the actual one getting eliminated because she just can't sing, her vocals are itzy level of bad but then again yg didn't eliminated jisoo even though her vocal skills are among the worst in 3rd gen so can't say for sure. Or maybe haram cuz yg doesn't seem to satisfied by her dance skills.

  • I don't know anymore. 90% of me believe that all will debut due to YG uploading the evaluation to the official BM channel. In the past, a separate channel is always created for a show like this. However, part of me is thinking that they probably changed to avoid the hassle of creating a new one. Then they'll just remove the vids of the eliminated one/s. There are also these intentional sightings of trainees outside the YG building (yes I'm 100% sure YG made them go outside for people to see) that make people think that trainees who aren't seen were eliminated.

    YG is really playing mind games with us all.

    Anyways, I would be really sad if my bias, Rora, is eliminated :(

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