Why do Meus never support/supported Amber and Luna as much as Vic/Krystal/Sullli?

  • Amber got into the whole foot in mouth issue some time back I don’t remember anything else but with FX disband and her getting into such scandals she just faded into oblivion.

    Anyway in general FX barely existed as a group imo for some people you need the group to stay relevant to have relevant solos.

    Krystal and Vic have other ventures that keep them more relevant I’d say. It’s not jusr because of FX.

  • Firstly, all members were so different, each with a unique strength and a strong disadvantage.

    Then, SM gave them mediocre promotions as rookies.

    The only member that wasn't affected by that is Victoria.

    Krystal is big but not on the level of Yoona, Irene etc. She should be getting 10+ brand deals yearly. Jessica too had a rbf and got a lot of hate (still does) for that, that sone didnt even fight for or defend her when she was sabotaged, but she's still huger than Krystal because SM gave her a good push from the get-go.

    Even Sulli who was the official visual (I think), still didn't get to Krystal's(the most hated member) level of popularity so...

    Amber was always going to be treated different because she's a tom-boy but not as cute as Yoona, as talented as BoA or a bit as girly as both who are tom-boyish too. Her image did not make sense, SM did not let her show her charms early enough. If she had done something different like acting or variety shows, she'd be much more successful.

    And, Luna should have been promoted like rookie Taeyeon and Jessica period.

    Victoria and Krystal are doing the best because they understood their strengths and the market available and they went for it.

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  • I say this as someone who adores Luna: she is not cool.

    When you don't fit the visual standard, you have to show that you don't need to be. It's a sign of uniqueness and a fierce level of confidence that women like in other women. That's why CL was so successful and Dara as well.

    Luna never had that, she wanted to be liked and it unfortunately showed. Any criticism people had of her, she buckled to it. People didn't like her calves, she got the muscles removed. People didn't like her skin tone, she paints her face 5 shades lighter. She used to always talk about dieting. And you just can't win that way. There's always gonna be a nothing problem for people to find

    It's honestly heartbreaking because she's just too kindhearted, soft and talent for a shallow, superficial industry. I'm always worried about her because of all the setbacks and stress she's been through

  • Amber, born in LA, a city with a rich history of police brutality against black people, made anti-black remarks that were insanely stupid. Especially years later when the US still has a police brutality problem.

    Plus her music is/was bad. She’s talented, but tons of people are talented in the music industry. She doesn’t have the look or musical portfolio to maintain a fan base.

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