• Stage Name: Krystal

    Birth Name: Chrystal Soo Jung/Jung Soo Jung

    Group: F(x)

    Position: Lead Vocalist, Maknae

    Birthday: October 24, 1994

    Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

    Blood Type: A

    II. Krystal Facts

    - She was born in San Francisco, California, United States.

    - Jessica Jung is her older sister.

    - Her father is a boxer and her mother is a gymnast.

    - Education: Korea Kent Foreign School and Hanlim Performing Arts High School (graduated)

    - She is currently attending Sungkyunkwan University in which she is majoring in theatre.

    - She was recruited by S.M. Entertainment in 2000 while on a family visit to Korea, along with her sister.

    - She would rather have people call her by her Korean name, Soo Jung, over Krystal.

    - She is friends with actress Park Shin Hye.

    - She loves taking selcas.

    - She loves apples but is allergic to them.

    - While filming “Amazing f(x)”, she said that doesn’t like being the center of attention.

    - She collaborated with June One Kim for a song called “I Don’t Wanna Love You”.

    - She admires Christina Aguilera.

    - On October 12, 2020 it has been announced that Krystal has officially left SM and has signed with H& Entertainment.

    III. Filmography


    Sweet and Sour
    Shouts of a Father


    More Charming by the Day
    (MBC, 2010)
    Welcome to the Show
    (SBS, 2011)
    High Kick: Revenge of the short Legend
    (MBC, 2011-2012)
    The Heirs
    (SBS, 2013)
    Potato Star 2013QR3
    (tvN, 2014) (Cameo)
    My Lovely Girl
    (SBS, 2014)
    Legend of the blue Sea
    (SBS, 2016) (Cameo)
    The Bride of Habaek
    (tvN, 2017)
    Prison Playbook
    (tvN, 2017)
    Player (OCN, 2018)
    The Search
    (OCN, 2020)