Potato Star 2013QR3

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    A mysterious asteroid crash-lands on Earth in 2013 and causes strange things to happen, specifically to the Noh family and their neighbors. The show begins with Na Jin Ah and her mother Gil Sun-Ja living in a shabby house on the outskirts of Seoul. Jin-Ah dreams of pursuing a career in Kong Kong, a toy company, which her late father contributed to, but due to a lack of a college degree and experience, her application is rejected from the screening process. Meanwhile, the eldest son of the Noh family, Noh Min-Hyuk, prepares to inherit the role of CEO in Kong Kong. Also, the current CEO and head of the Noh family, Noh Soo-Dong is preparing to leave the company due to bladder sensitivity issues. Other members of the Noh family include: the father of Soo-Dong, Noh Song, his wife Wang Yoo-Jung, their two daughters, Noh Bo-Young and Noh Soo-Young, and their pet dog, Cheol-Min.