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    I fell for Baekhyun since day one for a reason.

    He's one of a kind.

    So sweet, happy birthday Sehun.

    Even with 24 years of history, Taeyeon and BoA are the only female soloists from SM that stand out among her company peers. This is not counting those who go into acting.

    I don't see anyone in RV or Aespa get to the level Taeyeon has as a solo singer with both fanbase + public support combined.

    I don't think it's fair to compare BoA and Taeyeon to any other female SM soloists.

    BoA debuted as a soloist and at a very young age. SM had only her to push as a soloist and she had so much time for growth and success. BoA owned Japan at some point and opened the door for the success of the Kpop industry in Japan we see today. That's a lot to be compared to.

    Taeyeon had a whole Snsd. The biggest Kpop girl group for many years not just as a group but as soloists in different ways. They were way more successful than any other SM girl group has ever been.

    So you can't compare Luna and Wendy to them because they were never pushed as soloists from day one and never had groups as huge as Snsd.

    Also Luna was promoted in a very experimental girl group Fx with members having all kinds of issues that could only draw in a small fraction of fans. Sulli was always hated on and she lost the interest in being an idol until she left, Victoria found success in China so she chose to leave, Krystal had issues with SM because of Jessica, Amber wasn't popular enough to help carry Fx forward. All those hurdles affected each member's solo career. Luna was also never pushed as hard as Taeyeon before her solo debut.

    Wendy is promoting in an inconsistent group concept wise where their comebacks are either a hit or miss for the GP.

    BoA and Taeyeon didn't have such problems from debut and it's too early to judge because Wendy just started.

    while i still haven’t gotten even close to stanning exo, there’s always this one member i fall in love with every time... first it was sehun, then chanyeol and now it’s been d.o for nearly a year

    watched his entire kdrama because he was just that adorable even though the storyline wasn’t too great

    With Exo, that happens all the time. Even akgaes love more than one member.

    My bias changes every minute.