Things that make you get the ick on idols (speaking honestly)

  • - they lip sync while the other members sing live and there's no denying it because their vocals are exactly album audio

    - do very obvious queer baiting (they get a pass when it's scripted for them)

    - their pre-debut looks VERY different from their current face

    - are mean to their members

    - smoked/drank when they were young

    - look like they struggle with facial expressions

    i'm sure there's more

  • There is this boy group I'm really into at the moment so basically, this is what icks me watching their contents.

    - wearing big shirts, pants, and shoes

    - too much going on in their fashion

    - pretending to be clumsy to get attention

    - pretending to not know the basics of cooking

    - using the small face filter when taking selca (don't know what it's called but the chin gets really small) when taking pictures - I swear I don't get this like they are already good looking and have small faces

    - excessive sweetness to fans sometimes it's turning to be cringy/looking fake

    P.S despite the above mentioned, I still love them in general though.

    For girl groups:

    - excessive baby talking I guess (it's okay for me baby talking pets, but fans)

    - obvious lip syncing (it's okay for me to lip sync if they really need to but hey, don't make it obvious in respect to the audience)

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