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    ILLIT, is a newjeans counterfeit group.

    [+261 -238] But it's just a few overlapping photos. In fact, whether it's the group concept or atmosphere, isn't Eyelet just completely Bang Si-hyuk's sensibility? It's completely Bang Si-hyuk's Otako sentiment, and New Jeans is Min Hee-jin's sentimental..

    [+237 -75]Aylet is now completely attacked by Min Hee-jin, and New Jeans is also being used as a shield by Min Hee-jin. Please let the kids go and look into the fundamental Min Hee-jin suspicions that are problematic now. Whether they followed suit or something, I actually feel sorry for both Aylet and New Jeans right now. But why do they keep getting mentioned because of Min Hee-jin?

    [+233 -67] Ah, but that's not the problem right now. Min Hee-jin doesn't want to get criticized again, so I think she changed the topic to the Eyelet New Jeans copy for no reason. Isn't this the point of discussion now??

    [+198 -87] Although there may be some overlap in things like schedules and selling points, the group concepts of the two are definitely different.

    [+136 -7] But anyone can see that there is an intention to copy it. There are more than one or two things that overlap, but it seems like they were copied cleverly.

    [+75 -9]As soon as I saw it, it was a New Jeans copy idol.

    [+34 -1]As soon as I saw it, I thought I copied New Jeans and everyone around me said the same.


    [+79 -2] Think of it as a Chinese group. They were criticized on YouTube for being a fake New Genes.

    [+60 -3] To be honest, if the composition had been similar, I wouldn't have minded, but since the colors, atmosphere, number of members are the same, and even the choreography overlaps, I honestly feel like this is going to be bad.

    [+42 -1 ] Even if it's a label like a 100% copycat, it's dirty if it's plagiarized without permission

    *I only use google translate so don't mind the grammar

    [+453 -76] I guess that's just an excuse. Min Heejin didn't just pack up her bags and leave. She secretly leaked Hive secrets, even leaked the personal information of Newjeans members, and even reverse-produced Hive idols. They did something to elaborate behind the scenes to simply say that conflict was the reason? The goal was just to become independent, but since they got caught, it seems like they are just making excuses.

    [+420 -76] Wow, but everything else aside, the fact that she mentioned illit and Newjeans directly is really obvious because she wasn't 100% thinking about the kids and was only thinking about Min Heejin's own position. LOL If Min Heejin really thought about NewJeans like that, she wouldn't make a mess of it in public like this. Haha, aren't you just making up excuses like that because you're afraid you'll get criticized for stealing your own business? If you publish an article like that, Newjeans and illit may be attacked for no reason, but they don't even think about the children's perspective and just mention it to the children because they don't want to be criticized. Haha. This is really out of character. What are you doing?

    [+341 -87] But whatever it is, it's a bit too inconsiderate to mention it directly like that..Isn't that too inconsiderate to both illit and Newjeans?? What's wrong with illit, who was quiet and was mentioned like that by Min Heejin, and Newjeans, who was just working hard and was suddenly mentioned in a statement issued by the CEO? What a mess...

    [+271 -47] Well, even if that was the cause of the conflict, what Min Heejin did now is ultimately her fault, so why did she take such a stance.Haha, if she felt bad about copying her creation, she should have just followed the proper procedures and done something with Hive. Why did they choose such a dangerous path and work in secret??? I wonder what would have happened if New Jeans had gotten involved for no reason... It gives me a headache just imagining it, but I acted too hastily ;; Right now, I'm glad that I'm the only one in the wrong situation, but if I had really taken New Jeans with me, ㅅㅂ , Newjeans could have been put in a lot of trouble as well. Didn't you just act according to your own feelings without thinking about New Jeans and New Jeans fans?

    [+243 -49] Ugh... At this point, illit and New Jeans must really be like the Year of the Dog... Why are they fighting in such an all-out war, even mentioning themselves when adults are fighting... And Min Hee-jin, please don't act on your own feelings ㅜㅜ

    [+157 -7] illit honestly felt like a rip-off from NewJeans.


    [+197 -3] In the first place, Newjeans is not Min Heejin's property, so if Min Heejin leaves, Newjeans is leaving as well. Are these kids forgetting that Newjeans is an idol belonging to Hive? Also, it would be a hundred times better for the members to stay in Hive, so it was inevitable in the first place ㅇㅇ

    [+171 -12] Wow, but I guess it's a good thing that it happened now..Really, if Min heejjin's plan had succeeded and Min heejin had become independent with New Jeans, New Jeans could have been punished for no reason, but it would have been better now before they even tried anything. I think it's a good thing that the ending blows up and all of Min heejin's plans are ruined and min heejin gets kicked out alone.minheejin, don't take charge of New Genes anymore... Anyway, if we can't resolve things amicably with Hive this time, I think Min Heejin will be completely kicked out of the industry


    [+615 -71] In short, Min Heejin was caught trying to stab Hive in the back. But I'm glad that they got caught now haha. They took New Jeans out for no reason and it broke out too late. Isn't New Jeans, who wasn't guilty at all, almost ruined the situation by being punished for no reason? Haha. It's a good thing for New Jeans that they got caught and exploded at this point before they could do anything. lim. New Jeans is a hive idol anyway and is not Min Hee-jin's property, but Min Heejin did something pointless and ended up losing New Jeans. Min Heejin should just crawl to Hive as much as possible right now... That's the best thing Min can do right now.

    [+497 -52] Another article just came out, saying that Min Heejin not only leaked Hive secrets, but also leaked the personal information of New Genes members.Min Heejin is a loser. Please get out of Newjeans. She's even spreading the health condition of the members. I heard you were doing shady things while going around. It's a shame. I'm glad it's all exploded now. I almost avoided Newjeans for no reason. Haha. Min Heejin, please quietly leave the Hive and don't think about taking charge of New Jeans anymore.

    [+428 -47] But looking at the current situation, it looks like Min Heejin will not be able to return to Hive no matter how hard she bends. More than 80% of New Jeans' shares are in Hive anyway, and Min Heejin seems to be in a situation where she will lose New Jeans and her career because of this incident. I hope you give up on Min Heejin, Bernice, too.

    [+382 -43] It seems like New Jeans fans are cutting off Min Heejin right now... Min Heejin seems to have made a big mistake..Haha, she really got greedy for no reason and lost everything... haha Well, Hive must have been really pissed at Min Heejin, and New Jeans fans too. I guess he's trying to cut off Min Heejin quickly and cut off his relationship. He shouldn't have a bad influence on New Jeans for no reason. Anyway, Mr. Min, this situation seems to have happened due to his own excessive greed.

    [+340 -33] Kids asking if Newjeans is leaving Hive too... In the first place, New Jeans is not Min Heejin's property, but is just an 'idol belonging to Hive' with 80% of Hive's shares from the beginning. What does New Jeans have to do with this situation? In the first place, New Jeans belongs to Min Heejin. Even if Jin wants to take them out, he can't take them out. There is a contract with Hive, and New Jeans are idols belonging to Hive, but Min Hee-jin can take New Jeans out however she wants. Min Heejin will do whatever she wants, whether she gets kicked out of Hive or not, and New Jeans will continue to stay in Hive. If Min Heejin is kicked out, New Jeans will probably have a new CEO take over. It is impossible for New Jeans to leave the hive with Min Hee-jin... And in the first place, the members never said that they would follow Min Hee-jin, lol. New Jeans will just continue working as is. The problem now is not New Jeans, but Min Hee-jin. But if Min Hee-jin wants to survive at all costs, she must crawl into the hive... Min has no choice but to do that now.

    Min Hee-jin speaks as if she cares for New Jeans like her own children, but if you watch her, you can see this. It seems that New Genes is perceived more as ‘my work’ rather than as an individual artist. It seems like I think of them as the film itself and the characters of that film, which I created and created entirely, and which I planned and wrote the script for. If it was really for them, I wonder if they would have done something like this in the artist's prime. The affection for New Jeans that is often revealed, if you go deeper, seems closer to narcissism towards 'me who created the masterpiece called New Jeans'. And I think that Aylit, who claims that he copied New Jeans, has damaged her artistic originality, damaged her creations (=New Jeans), and dared to leave a scratch on his great cultural achievements (this expression appears a lot in the statement). She seems to be angry without any hesitation. Behind the scenes, there was a poor imitator who imitated my work sloppily, and there seems to be resistance to being lumped together with my work and categorized as the 'Min Hee-jin type'. Everyone will recognize Min Hee-jin's extraordinary sensibility and producing ability. However, it is not easy to view the field of artist concept directing (producing) as a unique creative field and to firmly assert that it is plagiarism and an imitation of other directing that has some degree of similarity and be recognized for it. For example, in the case of music, it is an area of fairly complete creation and legal standards for plagiarism have been established, but in the area of art directing, there are many ambiguous areas in which it is difficult to judge plagiarism under the standard of complete creation or art. The artist's concept, image, fashion coordination, etc. are not something created from nothing, but there are bound to be parts borrowed from things that already existed in the past. So, I think sniping at Aylet could have been self-destructive, and I also think it was rude and hurtful as a person. To the young rookies who have just debuted, you are an imitation of my work (New Genes), but it is nothing more than a poor quality work. That's what you said out loud. Regardless of ability, it seems that the lack of consideration for others and narcissism