[TheQoo] Just how popular was SNSD?

  • [HOT] Just how popular was SNSD?



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    Q. I heard SNSD were extremely popular during Gee and Genie? Were they on the same level as Twice now? (note: the post is from 2018.)

    -Our countries idol industry was always taken over by male idols. But SNSD beat all the male idols back then with Gee, Genie and other songs and chewed up the female idols. There was no other group that could beat SNSD. Twice and Red Velvet are the top girl groups now but they can't beat Exo and BTS. But SNSD beat all the male idols during their peak era.

    -They were a several hundred times more popular than Twice. Naver's server was down just with the teaser releaseㅋㅋㅋ

    OP's comment: So the era of not knowing Soshi popularity has come

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    Comments (750):

    -They were popular to the point that even elderly people knew the name of the members.

    -My grandma was a top fan of Saebyuk.

    -They were popular to the point they didn't need name tags on variety shows back then

    -Did anyone beat the record of their rooftop Genie performance? I am curious.

    -Female idols these are taking over overseas but i still think there is no other girl group that took over the country like SNSD..

    -Didn't they won the daesang and beat out male idols?

    - i just thought they were very popular but i realized how amazing they were after i became an idol fan.

    -They were called the male idols that don't go to the army.

    -To the point that every house had one or two pairs of colorful skinny jeans?

    -Even if you compare them with current idols nationally, Soshi was the most popular with the public.

    - It used to be male idols winning the popularity award back then but Soshi won it every year.

    -Soshi was a syndromeㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    -The only girl group that won over male idols..

    -They're the national girl group.

    -2009 was just all about SNSD. Gee won number 1 on Music Bank for 9 weeks.

    -They're not a legendary girl group for nothing.

    -All the people around me were wearing colorful skinny jeansㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    -They were a fcking wall.

    -Goobne Chicken exists now because of SNSD..

    -Their popularity with the public and their fandom were a wall.

    -A group that had both a fandom and public popularity..

    -This discussion ends with just Saebyuk.

    -Taeyeon was the top trend all day just because she cut her hair short.

    -It was to the point that even non fans knew all their names.

    -Saebyuk is a legend.

    -They won first place so many times that each member had her own trophy.

    -My dad was the one who told me about their recent comebackㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    -Just like their name, it was a girls generation.

    -They're the first ever girl group to win both the digital and physical daesangs.

    -There still isn't a girl group that has their public popularity.

    -They're the one top legendary girl group.

    - Even now, if you hold on to an old man and ask about Soshi, there will be very few people who don't know. It is very rare that not only the group but also individual members and names and faces match each other.

    - Soshi is the national girl group... Even the elderly who are not interested in idols must have known all the Soshi members hahaha It's true that the idols were more popular back then...

    - They seems to be the girl group version of Young-woong Lim', but they were the one-top and there won't be a girl group like Soshi until SM closes

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