Should songs/albums nominated for awards/won awards determine whether they are "quality" or not?

  • The answer is simple. People have different taste/preferences and no one would put them on a gun point to listen to a song they don’t like. But things became complicated because of cocky fans

    People who stan a successful group with awards: You don’t have the right to preach about quality you faves has won nothing *evil laughs (NO DAESANG NO OPINION)

    People who stan a group with no daesang: Rigged! Rigged! Winning a daesang doesn’t mean your faves’ music is superior (XX Group sucks)

    See both sides are wrong. But it’s definitely unfair for fans who are here for music and who are not salivating for the validation of others. Not because you’re listening to a group that has no significant achievement doesn’t mean your taste sucks. :pepe-use-head:

    Seeing the replies you know which is which

  • Winning awards don't make a song quality. Not winning awards doesn't make a song quality. Quality will always be subjective. Even when quality is quantified by award nominations and wins it's still based on subjective data. However, if this data for a specific award is what has been agreed upon by those in charge of that process that's the most objective measure you can get. So according to that specific set of data it was quality. However, anyone has the right to disagree. But if you disagree then that means that awards matter to you.

    If you feel awards don't define the quality of an artists song than awards should not matter to you so please don't whine when an artist doesn't win an award but also don't get salty if others do see the value in awards.

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  • I mean, SNSD almost get an All-Kill SOTY with Gee but that song is nowhere near their best song, not even their best title track

    Lmao probably one of their worst ngl but it is what it is, so nope winning awards does not define a song's quality. It's clearly subjective but it's good to see idols winning awards at KMA as we all know the industry despise idol so much

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  • I like what I like, so a show like KMA is nice as a lil ego boost, but ultimately I'll still listen to what I enjoy. To me, what I like is quality.

    if your idea of quality is determined by others, you do you.

    Is know?

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  • Damn right Massive.

    Although if I thought of that line before you, I would be way too harsh ^^

    It's the truth though

    Is know?

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