Somewhere To Rant

  • Have to get something off your chest? Do it here. I wanted to make a thread for those of you who are struggling with something and you want someone to talk to. I'm online sometimes, but there's LOTS of other people who I'm sure will be willing to give their honest advice and opinion to you! Also, you can just type angrily here about petty things if you want to - you can do anything as long as it's within reason (obviously). So, get on with your complaints!! It can literally be ANYTHING. From your fav group disbanding to something in your life to something in the modern world that's happening right now - whatever the reason for your rant, do it here! We're all ears.

    Everyone is Charismatic, Sensational and Beautiful - Practically perfect in every way.


    "또 새롭게 피어나고, 숨을 참았지 안갯속의 너를 찾아낸 순간"

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