Young K

  • I. Introduction

    Kang Young-hyun born December 19, 1993, better known by his stage name Young K, is a talented South Korean singer, songwriter, and rapper. He is best known as a bassist, vocalist and rapper of South Korean rock band DAY6.

    II. Career

    Young K was raised in Ilsan and moved to Toronto, Canada, to attend high school, where he lived there for 4 years.

    Way before Day6 debuted in 2015, he covered a lot of songs on YouTube, and even already performed on a lot of stages along with his bandmates called 3 Degree back in his hometown.

    The high school band consisted of Brian—the younger version of Young K, Don Lee, and Terry He. They covered some songs, or sang their original songs and uploaded them on YouTube. They also performed on some off-air stages and already got many fans even back then.

    Young K was later scouted by JYPe with his 3 Degree bandmate Don Lee in Toronto to come to audition for JYPe. After he successfully passed the auditions, he returned to South Korea. Young K eventually made his way into TV by making an appearance in Dream High 2, the popular Korean drama. But unlike his fellow JYP trainees, JB and Jinyoung, his appearance in Dream High 2 was only a short one.

    Aside from making cameo appearances in Dream High 2, Young K also made a collaboration with some artists before Day6 made their official debut. In June 2015, the same year Day6 made their debut, which was in September 2015, he was featured in fellow JYP artist, Baek A-yeon’s song “Shouldn’t Have” where he did compose and wrote the rap part.

    He was also featured in a song in July 2015 by Korean indie musicians, Park Sae-byul & Like Likes, in the song titled "Sky High" where he wrote rap part.

    Throughout his trainee days and debuting in Day6, Young K attended Dongguk University majoring in Business Administration. He didn’t abandon his responsibility as a university student just like that. He continued his studies while doing Day6’s activities.

    Quote from Young K talking about him tackling being a uni student and idol

    "I had a lot of group projects as a Business Administration student, and it was hard to cooperate with other students, especially those who were difficult to be contacted."

    In another After School Club episode, Young K replaced Ji-min, the regular MC because he was told to do so by the manager. Although he was getting ready to go to college, the manager called him to go to After School Club instead.

    After living the life of a university student for around 8 semesters, Young K finally graduated from Dongguk University and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

    He finished university while doing every Day6 project, where Day6 had to release two songs in a month for a whole year in 2017 and had to compose and write for each of their songs.

    III. Solo debut

    On September 6, 2021, Young K made his solo debut with his first mini-album Eternal and its title track "Guard You".

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    Young K also announced that he will enlist as part of his mandatory military service on October 12, 2021, where he will be serving in KATUSA.

    IV. Subunit

    On August 31, 2020, Young K, Dowoon and Wonpil debuted as Even of Day, a sub-unit of Day6 and released their debut EP The Book of Us: Gluon, with the lead single "Where the Sea Sleeps" (파도가 끝나는 곳까지).

    V. Discography

    VI. Mini albums

    VII. Collaborations

    • "Alone In this World" (with Song Heejin) (2020)
    • "What a Wonderful World" (with Park Moonchi) (2021)

    VIII. Features

    • Baek A Yeon - "Shouldn't Have..." (2015)
    • Likes, Likes - "Sky High" (2015)
    • Jimin Park - "Young" (2016)
    • X Lovers - "LOVE" (2020)
    • Stamp - "ใจอ้วน / Sugar High" (2021)
    • Ben&Ben - "Leaves" (2021)

    VIV. Songwriting credits

    2016 "Stuck On You" (빠져가지고) Up10tion Burst Yes Wonpil, Sungjin (Day6), Daniel Kim Yes Wonpil, Sungjin (Day6), Daniel Kim [31]
    "Answer" Park Ji-min 19 to 20 Yes Nathan No
    "Beggin On My Knees" Got7 Flight Log: Departure Yes No [32]
    2017 "In Your Eyes" Crude Play The liar and His Lover OST Yes Frants No
    2018 "Sleep Mode" Nakjoon Still... Yes No [33]
    2019 "Hope" Young-jae Fancy Yes Isaac Han Yes
    "Love Me Tonight" 휴이 (ḦU) RE:verse No Yes
    "원해" (I Want You More) No Yes
    2020 "Don't Know" Jeong Se-woon 24 Part.1 Yes Jeong Se-woon No
    "Trouble with You" Eric Nam The Other Side Yes Eric Nam No [34]
    "Paradise" Yes No
    "How You Been" Yes No
    "Love Die Young (Korean Ver.)" Yes No
    2021 "Sugar High" (ใจอ้วน) STAMP feat. Young K Non-album single Yes STAMP No
    "What a Wonderful World" Park Moon-chi, Young K What a Wonderful World Yes Park Moon-chi, DVWN Yes Park Moon-chi, DVWN

    VV. Day6 Songwriting credits

    2015 The Day "Freely" Yes Naru, Day6 Yes Naru, Day6 No
    "Out of My Mind" Yes Day6 Yes Andrew Choi, 220, Day6 No
    "Congratulations" Yes Yes Hong Ji-sang, Lee Woo-min, Day6 No
    "Habits" Yes mr.cho, Day6 Yes mr.cho, Park Kun-woo, Day6 Yes mr.cho, Park Kun-woo, Day6
    "Like That Sun" Yes Frants, Day6 Yes Frants, Day6 No
    "Colors" Yes mr.cho, Day6 Yes Hong Jung-pyo, mr.cho, Park Kun-woo, Day6 No
    2016 Daydream "First Time" Yes Day6 Yes Hong Ji-sang, Lee Woo-min, Day6 No
    "Blood" Yes Jae Yes 220, Jae Park No
    "Letting Go" Yes Wonpil Yes Hong Ji-sang, Lee Woo-min, Wonpil No
    "Sing Me" Yes Wonpil Yes Nuplay, Neil Nallas, Walter Pok, Day6 No
    "I Hope" Yes Sungjin, Wonpil Yes Sungjin, Wonpil No
    "Hunt" Yes Frants, Wonpil Yes Frants, Wonpil No
    2017 Non-album singles "I Wait" Yes Yes Hong Ji-sang, Lee Woo-min, Jae, Wonpil No
    "Goodbye Winter" Yes Park Sung-jin, Jae, YUE, Cha Il-hoon Yes Park Sung-jin, Young K, YUE, Cha Il-hoon No
    "You Were Beautiful" Yes Yes Hong Ji-Sang, Lee Woo-min, Wonpil, No
    "My Day" Yes Yes Mr. Cho, Joo-hyo, Kim Wonpil Yes Mr. Cho, Joo-hyo, Wonpil, Dowoon
    "How Can I Say" Yes Wonpil Yes Hong Ji-sang, Lee Woo-man, Jae, Wonpil, Sungjin No
    "I Would" Yes Yes Hong Ji-sang, Lee Woo-man, Jae, Wonpil No
    "I'm Serious" Yes Sungjin, Wonpil Yes No
    "Say Wow" Yes Yes Hong Ji-sang, Wonpil No
    "Dance Dance" Yes Yes Hong Ji-sang, Lee Woo-min 'Collapsedone', Jae, Sungjin, Wonpil, Dowoon No
    "Man In A Movie" Yes Yes Hong Ji-sang, Sungjin, Wonpil No

    VI. Filmography

    VII. Tv Series

    Year Title Role Network Notes
    2011 Dream High Jason backup dancer KBS2 Extra, episode 3
    2012 Dream High I:dn backup dancer KBS2 Extra, episode 1

    VIII. Web Series

    Year Title Network Role Notes
    2016 Touching You Naver TV Cast Customer Cameo, episode 11
    2020 Let Me Off The Earth TEENPLY YouTube Intern teacher Cameo, episode 6-7 with Wonpil

    VIIII. Radio Presenting

    Year Title Channel Notes
    2020 Idol Radio MBC Radio Host with Got7's Youngjae from May 18 - September 25
    Kiss The Radio KBS Radio From November 23, 2020

    VII. Music Videos

    VIII. Videography

    IX. Trivia

    • Young K has a hidden talent for dancing, he is actually a very good dancer.
    • When it comes to the Korean language, Young K is known as a “living dictionary”.
    • Young K loves watching webtoons.
    • Young K is known as a multi-talented person because he can sing, rap, dance, play musical instruments, as well as write lyrics, compose songs, and beatbox.
    • When Young K was still a trainee, he lived with GOT7’s Bambam.
    • Young K’s favourite colour is purple.
    • Young K didn’t like bass, but he practiced hard to like and master it.
    • Young K’s role model is One Republic.
    • Young K and Wonpil almost debuted on a dance group.
    • He was a member of the original formation of Day6 known as 5LIVE.

    X. Social Media