• Stage Name: Terry
    Birth Name: Han Dasom

    Group: NeonPunch (Former Member)
    Position: Vocalist

    Birthday: February 2, 1998

    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

    II. Terry Facts

    – Specialty: Limbo Games

    – She always wakes up the earliest and wakes the members up so they don’t be late.
    – Terry is a very passionate girl with a lot of spirit.
    – A secret: she’s good at petty tricks and she doesn’t like games.
    – Terry’s favorite color is orange. (Punchmode ep.4)
    – Terry loves sunflowerseed chocolate. (Punchmode ep4)
    – She likes rice cakes, it’s the only carbohydrate that she eats. (Neonpunch int. with Girl Group Zone)
    – She is a former member of Sunny Days (disbanded).
    – Her role model is SNSD’s Taeyeon.
    – She auditioned for MixNine, but unfortunately didn’t pass the auditions.
    – In October 2018 Terry went on hiatus due to health reasons.
    – She officially left the group on January 17th 2019, when her contract expired, due to health reasons.