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    ppl are so dramatic lmao....have these rumors been proven to be right?

    Yea the rumors were debunked there's like 50 copycats scandals out about hyunjin of stray kids,kihyun of monsta x, mingyu of seventeen. A few girl group members a few more actresses and actors also hyuna lol I'm waiting for the bts, bigbang,exo and SHINee and other random bully scandals lol :clown::clown: i call bullshit on this stuff. Case in point my cousin that i was close to as a child and early teen moved away then out of the blue came to see me over 10+ yrs later and i didn't even recognize them as they were an adult.

    That said i call bullshit on these bully scandals how do you somehow recognize someone you hate? People you hate you don't want to know them so pray tell me why you know their full name and can recognize them some 20yrs later? You can only do that if you are constantly watching them shit don't add up

    She denies it on her Instagram, the queen said not today.

    These allegations are making me tired.

    Exactly 14 yrs after debut someone brings some bs up. Also not to sound insensitive to people who were bullied but shouldn't you have moved on by now? The dedication to somehow to go out and know thr full name of someone you hate and to somehow keep tabs on them forever so you can recognize them later in life. Tbh if you left xyz person alone since grade school etc they should be literally unrecognizable to you as they have changed significantly from age etc for you to know someone 10+ years later you had to be basically following their life.

    indeed convenient. Another article similar to this one came out the same day about stray kids hyunjin so this stuff is getting out of hand nothing but these types of posts every 5 seconds

    Sometimes i think KPOP fans live too much in a bubble. Things aren't black or white

    I understand people lack political awareness but this is too much.

    Even in my own country i will say what is needed to survive

    I find this thread IGNORANT and borderline OFFENSIVE but it is what it is

    Exactly because the people making these threads come from some suburban upbringing in h hardly ever faced any real hardships in life and live in a bubble of a nice western democracy where they can do and say anything without consequences even if they are wrong. They rarely understand other places in the world are in the grim dark and shit isn't that easy. Most people will " sellout if some folks in suits and police uniform show up and say do this now or jail or die. Yeah you will pick sell out if your strong willed enough to say no they will go after your family and loved ones forcing your hand

    Girl is desperate to make money in China :peperun:

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    Ok let me explain to you people who are not from asia how shit works. I'm from Korea so you learn a lot about China being that close and also visting other countries really opens your eyes.

    Being a celebrity in China is basically a curse, you see obtaining wealth or influence is only allowed by the government= the ccp the citizens in China are as much the victim as any country that is being attacked by China. They actively brainwash, threaten arrest and kill its own citizens realize China is literally just north korea but rich that's literally the only difference.

    She's become a ccp shill because the party wants to make an example of her just like what happened to china's most popular female celebrity fa bing bing. If they feel you are becoming more influential than the government they will knock you down make you do ccp propoganda fluff pieces they know it will make you uncool and your fans will hate it. They get any of these celebrities to do anything because they can and will threaten you your life or if you are out of china's control they will threaten your family and loved ones in China forcing you to do what they want or else. Most people will do it to. They know how people get dissapeaerd, the concentration camps the tianamen square massacre etc they know full well the CCP doesn't joke about comply or else.

    Hell if anyone is on this site or twitter, facebook etc that's chinese from China you understand that they could get arrested or killed for it. Anyone herr from there is using a vpn to bypass the great firewall china isolates itself from the world's internet and censor everything going in and out of china. If you see offical account of Chinese people openly active on these websites their own picture where they are from etc then they are members or affiliated with the Chinese government as only gov people can have western internet and fear any punishment. The only reason no one has gotten rid of modern day nazi germany= china is because it's a nuclear armed state nukes are a huge detterant to war because you can end all life on the planet

    That aged really well, didn't it? :pepe-cringe:

    Do you have any other superpower that we should know about?

    It did lol i dislike those clown's :clown: people who suddenly out the woodwork say oh i knew xyz was bad i had a look or a vibe lol ok. Funny how they are never around until something " happens" get that bs outa here you will never tell how someone is by looking at them on tv especially if you have never seen them personally or know them off camera. :clown: if that shit actually worked we would never have bad people in the world or criminals because our magical police could arrest you before the crime occurred

    he could simply name those actress

    exactly instead of trying to pull someone else into this bullshit conspiracy theory notice how its been almost two months now and not a peep from the guy. I wonder did shadow government super assassin spy seungri get him? Or did the alien overlords running the nightclubs hmmmm :clown:

    bi's scandal. from what i remember he was proven innocent yet his career was kinda over.

    Never would have happened if he like other male idols focused on their job instead of simpin over pussy and thinking with their dicks. I'm a man IRL yes my father says things that isn't acceptable today like don't trust women lol. But there's a shred of truth there look at the BI scandal he got ousted just like top etc because of that woman han so hee, when you and i both know if this had been a man and not a woman these scandals would never happen as some kpop idol would never let some random dude that close to them their personal business their friend circle and contacts. But since it's a girl he got fucked up look at how this woman knows everything about these people their friends family contact's etc that doesn't happen randomly it only happens if you intentionally allow them in hence simpin over pussy is why she got in it's pathetic because not even gay dudes do that when they like other guys

    Western nations had pretty much locked up the supply of vaccines. Even East Europeans are left out and have to go to Russia or China for vaccines.

    South Korea won't buy vaccines from Russia or China because of politics so they'll need to wait until the West have enough to spare.…russia-china-for-vaccines

    Not just politics also based on safety chinese vaccines are dangerous 50 % are fake and use very harmful chemicals just like the fake food scandal they have nobody wants to risk that especially since they hid 2 pandemics in a row so yeah we'd rather wait on USA vaccines knowing they work and won't be straight up poison

    Of course not. It's not about 'having someone special'. And of course you don't have to have someone special to be happy, nobody said that, at least this is not how i understand it. The problem is bigger, from what i've seen in this case he feels like generaly nobody understand his feelings and when he sees some people having partners that are their best friends, he probably feels jealous, because he thinks this is how he could be his true self. It is of course not that simple, but if you feel like you can't be fully yourself, you can 'crave' for situation, that would make you happy and comfortable.

    The not being yourself part is unfortunately the nature of being a celebrity. There are two options here, fight to make changes so your celebrity life isn't important or quit quiting is not a bad thing when something is literally causing you mental and physical harm. If you aren't going to fight to make celebrity life how it is in the west where nobody gives a single fuck what you are doing. Then your only option is to quit unless you can endure the bs

    I don't think people in the comments really even understand what he means.

    Somebody said this: 4. [+250] I'm sure he has a line of women waiting for him, what's the issue?

    Well i guess he haven't found anybody he can be comfortable with and share his embarrassing moments with, not only someone who appreciate him for his looks. He probably feels pressured to show only good sides of himself all the time. Not to mention he's an idol and actor and fans have certain ecpectations for him. Maybe even though a lot of people like him, he feels lonely and like no one understands him. It looks like he doesn't have anybody who he could share his true emotions with.

    There also lies a problem with a lot of younger people's perception of life. Being happy isn't i must have a relationship end all be all of the universe ideally you should be happy and love yourself and complete yourself if you need someone else to complete you then there's a problem leaving you entirely dependant on someone else and we know where this goes if they happen to leave you. I often see or hear people say nobody loves me no one understands me etc and im like so your best friend that you have literally shared Everything with doesn't matter? Your parents siblings etc none of them matter? True love doesn't always have to be something you have sex with. Getting married isn't everything. This is how people miss those that they can love because you focus solely on i need a sexual encounter / relationship or no go. Looking at it from someone who works in the industry I myself couldn't say no one understands me when i spend 23hrs day surround by a few guys i spent 90% of my teen and adult life with that were closer than actual family members are and literally know everything about me and went through a lot of the same shit and could read me like a book. I don't have the problem because i didn't shut out everything and be like nobody will understand me unless im fucking them lol

    This is because they film erc together in close proximity for hours on end unmasked and unlike the general public they often take rapid tests daily. Why would you wear a mask if everyone around you in your job all test negative? Similar bs could have happened when ateez shot their tv show but to prevent this same netizen bullshit they dedicated the first 3 minutes to their covid-19 prevention measures indicating members negative tests same for staff and the a few video clips of the hazmat guys disinfecting an entire building including the air before they began filming. Sad you have to show all this so some retards won't make a fuss and cause trouble for no reason.

    I haven't seen this be an issue until recently I my favorite group has always sung live even with crazy dances that group is infinite and no one had sn issue with their vocals and performances. I know now it's more of an issue as more idols sing live less so they start to loose vocal stability when dancing. That can be combated by working harder that means seriously exercise alot especially cardio up the ass so you can have alot of breath.

    he is either shameless or a coward

    He's neither lol who are you? You don't even know this guy so stfu. He doesn't have to tell anyone a gotdamn thing, stay in your lane mind your own business. I could say the same if not worse about you, especially from this comment thinking you are holier than thou, are you one of those hypocrites that have rules for thee but not for me mentality? I bet yes

    if the accusations weren't true, chanyeol could've said so and everything would be okay. it's simple and it wouldn't do harm because he would be innocent. by him not even saying anything up to this point, it's not a good look.

    i am not jumping to conclusions but it would be more logical that if chanyeol was innocent, he would say that or sm would say that. he can make his own decisions, ofc. it's not my business. i am just analysing the situation from my point of view and from my experience playing among us.

    and you're right, the girl was sus too and some things that she said in her post made her sound like a exo anti. but if she was lying, chanyeol could've said so and could've put an end to the situation. but right now, it didn't really end. people still want pcy to say something.

    (sorry that was long and confusing)

    Even if he's 100% innocent he may not feel like he has to say anything. This is common for people who are matured and have seen what the real world is got red pilled. Know what bullshit is etc. Something about one's personal life like that deserves zero explaination or statement. To be honest people just want something to hate on none of them people actually give a fuck about that situation lol. I could understand if something dangerous/ilegal happened but it didn't soo nobody is entitled to shit. I have had similar in my life from nosey co-workers and some family and i stayed silent because these people don't deserve to know shit so I didn't need to give them a statement

    I never said Taemin deserved to be cancelled, I just wanted to understand what he was trying to say and why because I thought it was uncharacteristic of him to say something like that. I understand now this was years ago so I do agree its pointless to bring it up now but I still don't understand what he actually meant by this.

    However I do think saying "it's a woman's responsibility to be feminine" its a terrible thing to say because women should be allowed to be however they want and not force lo live to some " feminine" standard, same goes with men. Expecting people to live up to a certain stereotype is unhealthy for everyone

    It doesn't matter because it's all bullshit. This "translation" has been debunked its literally a smear campaign he said no such thing. Its fake news. All fake and gay

    she wasn't sure if you were calling the whole thing gross like it's all stupid or assuming that taemin is gross so she was just quoting the tweets that proved these allegations were false.

    This bullshit will stop when sm entertainment stops being trash and take the bighit entertainment approch of sue you into bankruptcy. This is why no bs comes up about bts anymore maybe sm can learn something