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    LMAOOO :cryingr:

    Where are you even getting all this money??? Also, I was going to buy In Love but I decided not to because I thought Taste represented there era more and In Love wasn't as summery to me. I only had enough for one.

    LOL XD also did you like After School? It's my favorite gg cb in 2021 I've been listening to it nonstop lately...I wonder if Alcohol-Free will replace it :/ Prob not tho lol

    well one, i get good grades and i got a lot of money from Eid, but also im the favorite child, the breadwinner out of the children, the family's golden child :pepe-flirt: (those are all lies, my parents gets headaches from my bs)

    yes i did, its my favorite weeekly title track and also my favorite gg title track this year too. i think it might have competition with alcohol-free because it sounds like a bop already. i hope the girls can pull a twice cheer up with their next comeback. after guessing the we play comeback month, i think im psychic so it might be in august

    LMAOOO :cryingr: rosie...what did you do???

    Also, does that mean you bought a Taste of Love album? Which one did you get, if you did?

    I BOUGHT ALL 3 WITH ALL MY MONEY BECAUSE I WAS ORIGINALLY GETTING IN LOVE BUT I WANTED TASTE but then i said screw it because whats the point in buys 2/3 and not all 3 and im vv poor

    twice takes up so much of the money i get, will i even have enough to spend on weeekly/red velvet's next comeback :clown:

    thank you for 17 akorns <3