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    Yes we have a watching party on the disc every Sunday evening. I have watched Stein's Gate and yes, it does start slow but escalates later on. Sometimes the random comedic scenes with the residents is annoying and distracting but at least they evolve as characters later on. And sometimes it's good to get away from some of the real serious shit that happens.

    Yeah Stein's Gate is insane, but the beginning almost made me want to drop it lol. The only reason i didn't is because of how good everyone said it is so i decided to stick around and definitely don't regret it. For Vincenzo, hopefully it's the same case

    Same thing happened to me. I couldn’t stand the supporting characters at all. I don’t see how any of that was comedy at all. They are cringe and their scenes are just childish and unrealistic. If it was any other drama, I wouldn’t have got this upset with it because I would think it’s for less mature audience and drop it. BUT the serious plot line is good. It’s like two different shows put into one. The building’s residents characters shenanigans is one thing and the main and leads storyline is another.

    I didn’t drop it and it indeed gets better each ep. though I stopped at ep 8 because I got busy. My sister watches it week by week and she keeps telling me to continue watching because it get so good each ep. I am a little hyped up about that. Its popularity keeps increasing too so I guess it does get better.

    Yeah, tbh the "comedy" scenes with the residents was a little funny at first but it just gets kind of annoying to see random shit happening over and over when I want to see the serious stuff, like the intro really pulled me in with the airplane and the gasoline.. That was insane. Also, idk what they were thinking when they kept putting in the Italian food scenes where Vincenzo hates the food.. like we already saw it once and from where I am now, its been done a third time and I didn't even watch it and just skipped because it's literally pointless and redundant... However, I agree that the main, serious plot is pretty interesting, and if the show just did that, I think I would like it alot more from the start

    Oh there are definitely multiple massive hits (PWF, Fake Love, Dolphin, HIP, Psycho, Bboom Bboom, etc.), people underestimate just how powerful 3rd gen idol groups were digitally. But these top 10 are the biggest, at least from a statistical point of view.

    Stuff like virality and impact cannot be measured numerically. Take TT for instance. The song didn't meet 5 criteria, yet when that song comes on, K-pop fans will know that "TT" pose in a snap.

    Ahhhh, right that makes sense

    No, there aren't. I have a large database of this stuff at my disposal for my own personal projects I do.

    Missing You has 2.2M Genie ULs.

    TT charted for 44 weeks and has 2.1M Genie ULs.

    Starry Night charted for 35 weeks and has 2.3M Genie ULs.

    Oh wow thanks! Lol you sure do your research :P, anyway just asking because I felt like 3rd gen had a lot of huge hits but maybe that was just my skewed perception

    Stick with it, it gets better and better. I wanted to drop it after the first 3 ep, too, glad I didn't. The comedy is still there, it's a dark comedy after all, but much better done then in those first episodes.

    So what ep does it start getting really good?

    I just started watching Vincenzo, I'm on ep 3 right now and there are some parts I really like (the serious parts) but I feel like there's too much comedy and random moments that kind of throw off the balance of the show for me. For those who've seen more of it, does the pace of the show change later on? I'm considering dropping it but apparently it's really good so idk.. If anyone of y'all have watched Stein's Gate, is it like that? Where the beginning is kinda slow and the good stuff is later on? (bc obviously Stein's Gate is insanely good but I can see why someone would wanna drop it if they only saw the first few episodes)

    they are always doing that jazzy thing

    In comparison RV had more differences in their concepts, compare Bad Boy to Umpah Umpah, Psycho to Rookie

    Or even Twice Cheer Up to Can’t Stop Me

    "that jazzy thing" was definitely something they had somewhat, but those were their older songs, they definitely have changed their concept over the years as of more recently. The only newer song that could be considered similar to their older songs is Dingga.. Starry Night, Egotistic, Wind Flower, Gogobebe, Hip, and Aya are all really different from their older stuff and each other.. Even Decalcomanie strayed from their older stuff, and it's part of their older stuff lol.. The "jazzy thing" you're referring to are songs like Mr. Ambiguous, Piano Man, Um Oh Ah Yeah, You're The Best, Yes I Am, and Dingga, and it's pretty evident that overall, they've changed their concept plenty