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    Nope. Kpop community has already been established in US before BTS. KCON has begun in 2012 in US due to demand. The first KCON held was simple. But it has attracted so many non kpoppers cuz kpop's unqiueness was it's amazing performance. 2013 KCON has attracted double the amount of previous amount of fans. 2014's KCON was massive. It has broadcast by lots of TV channels in various western countries. The grand performances have all published in various US publications. It was also after the whole world knew the existence of PSY's GS. Due to its success KCON has started to be held in other countries since then. BTS was in 2014's KCON. The rest story is all credits to BTS. They have stand out from other kpop groups, they were hardworking and talented. That's why they have achieved this height. But without that initial demand created by 2nd gen groups we don't know story would be different. In 2015, Emma Stone has mentioned SNSD and 2ne1 during TV and said the amazing performances of KPOP. They whole crowd was shouting & clapping it shows kpop was still there. 2nd gen groups have showed amazing performances that's why in the first lots of TV channels in the west has decided to broadcast it. If they have really failed no TV channel would broadcast it in the first place.

    Yeah lol, nope. The audacity to compare mere Kcon concerts to TVXQ’s revival of Hallyu in Japan where they’d brought Kpop to the mainstream there. Where you’re not just selling a few albums and doing small Kpop shows but selling out domes, stadiums, getting hit songs and appearing on the biggest shows in Japan. When Japanese labels would also sign these Kpop groups instead of just bringing them over for 1 or 2 joint concerts.

    When myaza said that past acts had failed to succeed in the US, she wasn’t talking about starting small niches and conventions that only Kpop fans would know. She meant Kpop groups actually being able to make a dent on their charts and compete with local acts, appear more than once on their most popular shows, establishing direct album distribution for their peers in Kpop and creating more opportunities for US labels to actually sign these groups and take them under their wing among others. She’s referring to Kpop starting to become a more normalized topic of conversation in the media and pop culture. Past acts like Wonder Girls and SNSD have tried appearing on a few shows in the US but where has that led them? CL signed with a US label too but that got her nowhere and no one else followed. Why were Kpop companies so averse to focusing promotions in US and the West after them? Why was there only a huge industry belief and push to start heavily focusing on US promotions after 2017?

    Who isn’t? I can’t remember anyone shading the 1.gen.

    Where did I say you were shading them? Lol.

    I said give credit where credit’s due to the actual pioneers of Kpop first before trying to push 3rd Gen fandoms to bow down to your 2nd gen faves while ignoring the ones who paved the way for yours. Without Seo Taiji, there would be no Kpop. Without Yang Hyun Suk, there would be no BigBang. Heck, without the Japanese idol industry, the Kpop idol industry that all our faves including yours thrive in would never have even existed.

    This whole “paving the way” BS blew up in the community because certain 2nd gen fandoms were writing essays on how their faves deserved to be in BTS’ place back in 2017 everytime they appeared on American TV. Since they couldn’t change the the situation, they flooded the comments section whining about how BTS should thank their seniors for getting to appear on Ellen and Kimmel.

    Shooter ARMYs who defend BTS and correct antis who try to misrepresent BTS’ achievements and numbers or accuse them of malicious acts are fine. Because if no one steps in to refute lies and misinformation about them and all ARMYs play nice, people will start believing them as the truth and pass falsities on to newer fans. It’s partly the reason why Carats have to deal with Kpop fans constantly overlooking 17’s achievements and top group status—because their fans are too caught up in being the “nice” fandom that they’re not vocal enough about their faves’ accomplishments.

    But shooter ARMYs who purposely scour the Internet to find one random account with only 10 followers calling BTS ugly and untalented just to quote them with clapbacks so the rest of the fandom would view them as Bangtan’s savage “saviors” have gotta go. They’re the ones blowing up irrelevant tweets with 5 Likes that should’ve been ignored and forgotten.

    If we’re talking about YouTube here, a lot of YouTube “ARMY” have this unspoken rule that Jungkook already gets “enough” praise, lines and attention, so they try to balance it out by dedicating more comments and hype to the other members.

    You can praise other members individually but when it comes to Jungkook, you’ll often find people replying to you with “He’s not the only one singing, so and so did well too!1!1” or “BTS is 7. If you’re going to praise JK, you need to praise all members too unless you’re a fake OT7”.

    Some of them have even openly said in the comments that they purposely don’t mention JK in their praises because it would be unfair to the other members when he’s already got so many stans rooting for him to do it. As if other BTS members aren’t popular in their own right and have so many stans rooting for them too.

    It’s finally time for you to come out as a BTS anti/member akgae, OP.

    Just like lizzy, you sure do love complaining about BigHit, BTS and the members but would use their success to trash BP and other Kpop groups in your dick-measuring contests because you know your real faves can’t hold up against them.

    So you are saying that THE Louis Vuitton begged, hyped and send personal gifts to BTS but still didn't manage to sign an endorsement with them.

    You think this is a drag? Lmao

    While other celebrities brag about being invited to a fashion show, Louis Vuitton brags about inviting BTS to THEIR fashion show, flaunting them on their feed instead of relegating them to 24-hour IG Stories.